To Know Jesus Is To Know God


Then Jesus cried out and said, “He who believes in Me, believes not in Me but in Him who sent Me. And he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me. (John 12:44-45)

To Know Jesus Is To Know God

In all of the teaching of Jesus, the Son of God always deflected attention away from Himself giving glory to His Father. All that Jesus came to do and accomplish was in fulfillment of the eternal plan to save men from the darkness of sin. To believe in Jesus was not to exalt His own self but to praise the Father and His glory. The apostle Paul would later suggest that Jesus was the image of God explaining the Son of God was a precise copy or an icon of the heavenly Father in much the same way the word photograph is used today. When you see Jesus you see the Father. The teachings of the Christ were not His own but the word of God. Jesus is the perfect portrait, manifestation, and representation of the eternal image of the Father. It is impossible to believe in Jesus without accepting the total will of the Father. They are not separate but one. To reject the Son of God is to reject the Father because they are one in purpose, design, function and eternity. The great struggle of the Lord in His ministry was trying to get people to see He had come from the Father. Although Jesus had done many signs and wonders before the people, they did not believe in Him. The Jewish rulers and religious elite could not see Jesus as anything more than a carpenter’s son who caused them much grief. No one could do the miracles He performed and while they never denied the miracle, they often would deny the authority of Jesus to perform the signs and wonders. He pleaded with them to see the power of God working through Him. They could not explain how Jesus could raise the dead or heal the sick even accusing the Lord of doing miracles by the power of Satan. Jesus came to proclaim the Father. Rejecting Him would be rejecting God. He pleaded with the people to believe in Him so they could believe in the power of the Father.

The tragedy of the human condition is the refusal to see God for who He is, what He is and why He sent His Son into the world. Jesus is not just a good man who did good things for people. Jesus Christ was and is the Son of the eternal Father who embodies all the nature of the Father. Accepting one without the other is impossible because they are one. Every word Jesus taught the people was the word of God. All the manifestations of His power were the expression of the power of the Father. The image of Christ was the photograph of the heavenly will of God. His life was an accurate portrayal of the nature of His Father. Those who accepted the teachings of Jesus believed in the word of God and those who rejected the Lord turned away from God. It was impossible to serve God without obedience to the Son. In the same manner, man cannot follow Jesus without bowing to the will of the Father. His testimony is contained within the word of God. The Father exalted the Son because the Son exalted the Father. Seeing Jesus one would gaze upon the face of God. The spirit of Christ and the spirit of God were one in all things. Jesus said He never spoke on His own authority but the Father who sent Him. He spoke as God commanded Him.

Every word of the Bible is the word of Jesus Christ as He reflected the glory of the Father and obeyed His will. Religious man often picks apart which part of the Bible they choose to follow rejecting other parts. To deny one part will deny the whole. Man has never understood the nature of Christ and the Father. He believes that worship can be parceled out in measures that please him and tickle his ears and that God would approve of his worship. To believe in Jesus requires a man to believe in all the word of God because the volume of the Bible is the word of God. It is impossible to worship Jesus and deny the teachings of the Father. A single passage of scripture will be taken out of context to become a mantra of belief and a man will proclaim his system of belief is justified by God. They are simply deluding themselves into believing that God is like a man – and nothing is further from the truth. Jesus said that to believe in Him required one believe in the Father and there can be nothing left out of the formula. To see Jesus is to see God. What is found in one is found in the other. Obedience to the will of God requires the heart to obey all truth. Satan has fully convinced many to believe a hodge-podge of religion bundled together in a totem of human wisdom. Jesus said this is a lie. When a man believes in Jesus He must believe in God. If a man wants to be saved he must follow the word of God and that word is what Jesus taught. The conclusion is that all the words of Jesus must be heeded because failure to follow all the teaching of Christ is a refusal to obey the voice of God.

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