What To Think About


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)

What To Think About

The mind is an incredible creation that God has blessed man with to contemplate his inner being, self-worth and decisions of life. A lifetime of memories can be stored in the gray matter that makes up the brain recalled at a moment’s notice. The mind can do unbelievable calculations, create new inventions, prose literary masterpieces and fuse into harmony a symphony of powerful music scores. With all the technological advances in science the brain is a universe of unexplored places that men will never be able to conquer. When God created the man and woman He placed within their mortal bodies the function of the mind to express the greater creational purpose of their existence: an eternal being. Man is not a mortal man possessing a soul but an eternal spirit clothed with the frame of a mortal body. The highest creation of man is the image of God. Flesh and blood will decay and die but the inner man of his eternal body will never cease to exist. Death is only the end of the carnal home. All men who die continue to live on beyond the grave and to that end the spirit of man dwells in joy or sorrow. Memories are retained and the mind fills the expanse of eternity. It is inherent for all men to know the power of their lives rest upon what they think about and how they serve the Lord. Every man is an eternal spirit. The challenge is how a man thinks and what he becomes that will determine the joy or horror of an eternal life.

David knew the power of the mind as he gazed into the heavens and viewed the earth in its splendor as a testimony to the purpose of God. He also favored the word of God as something to think about and dwell upon. Two things filled the mind of David: the evidence of the Creator in the universe and the testimony of truth contained in His word. For David the universe is the same canopy that all has seen and gaze upon today. The moon that hangs softly in the midnight sky is the same moon that a man can look upon today and see the face of God. Glory is given to the Lord when a man takes time to look at the world about him. What David saw thousands of years ago remains the same. What is remarkable about the second part of David’s witness is the law of Lord he was familiar with was so much less in copy of what man has today. Much of the Old Testament was not written and the writings of the New Testament were about a thousand years away. He had full knowledge of God and His will at that time and he glorified the Lord with all he knew. Today man has the completed revelation of God. Like David, man must think upon the word of God to see the nature of the Lord and His love, grace and mercy. The word of God is the mind of God revealed to man.

What a man thinks about is what a man becomes. Every part of the fiber of man can be summed up in the kind of person he has become in the way he thinks. David knew two vital points of life that made him a man after God’s own heart: he thought a lot about the world about him and he meditated daily on the word of God. The courage he had to stand before Goliath came from what he thought and the experience he had with his Lord. He was a thinking man who enjoyed thinking about heavenly matters. We live in a world filled with thinking machines. Television destroyed the imagination of books and radio. Computers ushered in the age of global pictures broadcast without end. Smart phones consume our minds with applications that tell us what to do, how to do, when to do it and why we need to do it. Our minds are filled with all the gadgetry of modern science that removes any cognitive abilities to think, dream, meditate and consider. As a result, we have become what we think about. Television, movies and games depicting horror, murder, hate, sexuality and anti-God dogmas fill our minds consciously and unconsciously. We become what we think about. David asked for God to look into his mind and find what he thought about as something acceptable in the sight of God. Can we say that what we watched on television last night was something that pleased the Lord? When Jesus sees us on the computer does He see our righteousness or our sexual carnality? As the Holy Spirit looks upon how many hours we spend on our cell phones does He see our lives glorifying the Father? We are what we think about. God sees what we think about. What does the Lord God see in our mind?

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