The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Goodness


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)

The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Goodness

Virtue is found in the simple character of being a good person. Men seek for deep and intellectual meanings of life but there is nothing more intrinsic to the quality of a Christian than being filled with the spirit of goodness. Defining the attributes of the fruit of the Holy Spirit goes no further than what men miss in their pursuits of prideful self-glorification. How basic is the idea of being a good man. It is not hard to develop or learn how to show goodness to others and yet how vital to the personality of the Christian when he fills himself with the Holy Spirit. One of the attributes the Christian is to be known by is his good character. He is respected as an upright person of integrity who is measured by his good speech, action and kindness. The fruit of the Spirit is kindness and goodness shows forth that kindness. Benevolence is in the hand of the good hearted Christian.

Examining the fruits of the Holy Spirit is a contrast in the wisdom of man and the wisdom of God. Men seek higher planes of self-identification through great and noble deeds. Honor before the Lord comes from a character of being a good man and a good woman. Doing kind deeds shows the spirit of goodness. Having an example of goodness comes from the good treasure of the heart that loves his neighbor. The way of the good man is ordered by the Lord as he delights in following the pattern of righteousness. He deals graciously with others guiding his affairs with discretion. Goodness is something that is seen in the life of the child of God as the light of Christ shines in everything they do and say.

Filling the heart with the word of God a character of goodness develops because the goodness of God is seen in Christ. No greater example of good can be found than the love the Father had in sending His only begotten Son to die for miserable man. The life of Jesus was a life of goodness. His death was the ultimate good that brought man to the Father. If we are to be like Christ we must be people of goodness putting away dishonesty, meanness, immorality and indecency. Filled with the Holy Spirit we learn to say good things and speak the truth always. In the spirit of kindness we do good to others. Goodness overcomes evil in every form. Nothing is more basic to the moral compass of the Christian than being a good person – not for the sake of earthly glory – but to show the glory of God through our goodness.

To be like Christ is to be good. No frills, no fanfare and no deep philosophical or religious meanderings of intellectual babble. Here is the quiet and simple pattern of life: be a good person. This goodness does not come from the wisdom of man. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is goodness and this fruit can only be found in the orchard of God’s grace when we partake of His fruit. Learning to be good comes from the nectarine of the words inscribed through the Holy Spirit upon the pages of holy writ. If you desire to be good, obtain favor from the Lord and you will find a cornucopia of blessings abounding in the spirit of His goodness flowing in your heart. It is always good to be good when we do good in the name of Jesus Christ. Be good because you are good. Fill yourself with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

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