The New Testament Church In The Old Testament

Old Testament Cross

For Moses truly said to the fathers, ‘THE LORD YOUR GOD WILL RAISE UP FOR YOU A PROPHET LIKE ME FROM YOUR BRETHREN. HIM YOU SHALL HEAR IN ALL THINGS, WHATEVER HE SAYS TO YOU. AND IT SHALL BE THAT EVERY SOUL WHO WILL NOT HEAR THAT PROPHET SHALL BE UTTERLY DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE.’ Yes, and all the prophets, from Samuel and those who follow, as many as have spoken, have also foretold these days. You are sons of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, ‘AND IN YOUR SEED ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH SHALL BE BLESSED.’ To you first, God, having raised up His Servant Jesus, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from your iniquities.” (Acts 3:22-26)

The New Testament Church In The Old Testament

Following the healing of the lame man at the Temple, Peter and John are surrounded by a multitude of people curious about the miracle that transformed the cripple. The apostle explained the healing wonder of the lame man was by the power of the One they had killed called Jesus. He was the Holy One and the Just, Prince of life whom God raised from the dead. While the rabble crowd cried out for the death of Jesus, they were fulfilling what had been prophesied in the days of Moses and the succeeding prophets. Moses had spoken of a Prophet coming that would bring the words of salvation. Believing on this Prophet would bring life and disbelieving would bring destruction. All of the prophets beginning with Samuel spoke of the coming Prophet that would be unlike any man. Peter reminds the people that even Abraham spoke of this Jesus when the Lord promised the blessings of the seed would bless all families on earth.

Genesis through the final book of Malachi is filled with the evidence of the promised new covenant that God would make with all men. The New Testament church is revealed throughout the Old Testament as fulfilling the promise of the seed. Jesus Christ is the head of the church and His work of redemption was spoken by Abraham, Moses and all the prophets. Moses said the Lord would raise up a Prophet like himself. There is a shadow and type found in Moses as he led the people out of bondage to the promised land. Jesus has opened the path of salvation through the church – redemption for all men. When the Lord commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel, He commanded those who believed and were baptized would be saved and those who did not believe would be condemned. This is the same message spoken of by Moses concerning the Prophet that was coming.

Salvation would come to those who heard the word of the Prophet and obeyed. Destruction would come to those who did not heed the word of the Prophet. The promise to Abraham was that in the fulfillment of the seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. Jesus said during His ministry that He was the only way, the only truth and the only life. No man can bless all families on the earth like Jesus and He is the only Savior of man. There is no other way. Truth can only be found in Jesus Christ. Eternal life comes from the Son of God alone. These are the basic doctrines of the New Testament church.

Many believed the words of Peter and John and the number of the disciples grew to be about five thousand. The first converts to Christ learned of salvation from reading the Old Testament. Philip taught the eunuch from Ethiopia beginning at Isaiah 53. The conclusion of the eunuch was the necessity of baptism. Early disciples learned much about the church from the writings of the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit continued to reveal His word as the church grew and the canon of the New Testament was formed. Never forget the Old Testament is about Jesus Christ and the eternal purpose God had in establishing the church of the New Covenant. The church of the New Testament is the Prego of the Old Testament: it’s in there.

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