My Grandson Can’t Play In The Championship Game

kendon all stars running

My Grandson Can’t Play In The Championship Game

They are the Gilchrist League Rookie Baseball All-Stars and they have an undefeated season. The past few years this group of young men have put up an impressive score in basketball and little league baseball of very few losses. This season they have won the first championship and are entering the second championship with no losses. The games have been hard with close scores. Each player has stepped up and delivered a stellar performance to move their team to winning. They have embodied the spirit of team play. More games are ahead that will test their metal but they are a winning team on the field and off the field. Today, they won a hard fought game with a good team defeating them 6-4. With this win, they move to the championship game. Sadly, my grandson will not be able to play in the championship game.

He was not injured or disqualified. The reason for his not playing in the championship game was not because of sickness or weather or the like. When they won the game today there was great jubilation as the team together succeeded to secure another spot in a championship game. In a world gone carnal to its core, he will not be able to play in the championship game because it is scheduled for Sunday morning 9:00am. I know this is not news to many people as this has been happening in many places for many years. It is not the norm.

There was a time when society respected the first day of the week. Many stores were closed on Sunday called the “Blue Laws.” Publix, a major grocery store, was closed on Sunday. Many business do not open on the first day of the week but this is changing more and more. Ball games are now played all day on Sunday and no one seems to care. There was no doubt Kendon would not be able to play the championship game because his first cause is the Lord. His parents have affirmed that in him but how heartbreaking for a young man to learn the cruel twist of a carnal world. It is not so much about him being in a place of worship on Sunday morning instead of being on the ball field. The sad truth is the world our children and grandchildren are growing up in is a world that has no respect for the first day of the week.

What is more startling than the scheduling of games on Sunday is the silence of parents and teams who participate. Most in the world could care less because God is not in their lives anyway. There was a time that good religious people honored the first day of the week. Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby have both shown through the corporate world that success can be had without being open on the first day of the week. Now our good religious neighbors gladly go off to parlay with the world in a championship game on the first day of the week with no sense of regret or conscience. What is more tragic are brethren who justify taking their children to ball games on the first day of the week. At a congregation I preached a woman and son came to the early service to take of the communion so they could rush out to play in a ball game (they were from out of town). Sadly for her, the communion was not served until later and she left to take her son to play ball. She turned her back on Jesus Christ for a ball game. What good is that game going to do a person who stands before the Almighty God and explain why they chose to play in a silly ball game instead of communing over the body and blood of His Son?

It is sad Kendon will miss out in the championship game. He is okay and I am proud of him. It is more sad than he will grow up in a world that will try everything it can to destroy his faith. Something as simple as a ball game on Sunday morning at 9:00 will be how Satan hurts the body of Christ. The church is going to be filled with parents who think nothing of taking the children to these ball games because they are so important to the development of the child. All the while, teaching them to hate God. What other things hinder our service to the Lord on the first day of the week. When on vacation do we vacate God? If our child has a school function or a party do we hate God and let them go? Please know this – if God is not first He is last and if He is last there is no love for Him. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Let’s be clear. If we do not obey God we hate Him. Stop pretending that disobeying the Lord is love. Jesus Christ did not die so we could play ball instead of remember His sacrifice. If the communion of the Lord is not first – God help you.

Let us be prepared for the continual onslaught of an evil and adulterous generation. This is not new news because the early church faced the same problem. We must stand for truth no matter how many games we miss and friends we lose. God is first. Jesus is first. The Holy Spirit is first. His word is first. Nothing is first in our lives but the Lord. May God richly bless parents who train their children in the way of righteousness and truth and reject the overtones of a world that rejects God.

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3 Responses to My Grandson Can’t Play In The Championship Game

  1. Danny Roberts says:

    Excellent article Kent. Worldliness in the church is one of the devil’s devices so loved by many of our brethren. So proud of Kendon and his mom and dad.


  2. heatonkent says:

    Thanks Danny. It looks so innocent but it is not. Regards to you and Pat. Keep the banner flying high for Christ brother.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kent…just found your page today. This article “popped out” at me as one of interest. As you stated, this idea of “Sunday” being just another day has found its way right into the Lord’s church for years now. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the parents of your grandson and his grandparents who have nurtured him in the ways of the Lord in remaining steadfast & immovable.


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