He Shall Be Exalted And He Shall Be Hallowed


But the Lord of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and God who is holy shall be hallowed in righteousness. (Isaiah 5:16)

He Shall Be Exalted And He Shall Be Hallowed

The character of God is clearly defined in scripture. One of the reasons man has been given the Bible is to know the nature, personality and divine nature of the Almighty God who formed the world and created man from dust. Evidence for God is clearly seen by the invisible attributes of nature. All men can come to know there is a higher being that rules over the affairs of the universe by looking at the world about him. Coming to know the personality of God can only come from the revealed word as He has revealed Himself through the ages. The Bible is the final testimony of God’s nature that when men read they can understand who God is and what He demands. From the beginning of time the judgment of the Lord is shown against all those who disobey Him. Adam and Eve were not exempt from the judgment of righteousness or the world of Noah’s time that was completely destroyed save eight souls. Reading the history of Israel is a declaration of the longsuffering of God against a people who repeatedly rebelled against the commandments of the Lord. Stories abound where God destroyed hundreds and sometimes thousands of His own people because of their disobedience. When Israel was taken away by the Assyrians and the final two tribes of Judah were held captive for seventy years, the judgment of God was declared for all nations to see and understand. The punishment of Israel was by the hand of the Lord who brought them out of Egypt by His mighty hand. Delivering the Hebrews was not a matter of saving a lineage of people from slavery but to show the personality of the Lord against the paganism of the Egyptian culture and to establish in His people His love, grace, mercy and truth. Israel was destroyed because they failed to honor the judgment of God and refused to hallow His righteousness. Everything the Lord did was righteous and holy and just. Whether the story come from the Garden of Eden, the plains of Jordan or the temple mount of Jerusalem, the will of God has been accomplished for the glory of His will and His purpose. His word continues today in the Bible proclaiming the judgment of God as true and the righteousness of the Lord as pure.

Isaiah the prophet is writing to a rebellious and wicked nation. They have changed everything to suit their carnal needs calling good things evil, changing matters of light to darkness and accepting the bitterness of immorality as sweet. What the people failed to do was honor the judgment of God and they did not render the righteousness of the Lord as holy. They defiled the Temple in their worship. Their hearts were far from serving the one true God. Everything they wanted to do was measured by their own selfish desires and passions. Ignoring the judgment of the Lord did not dismiss it. The Lord of Hosts will be exalted in judgment when He brings that judgment upon the people. Reading the stories of the nation of Israel and how many times the Lord warned, exhorted and admonished the people to repent and punishing them because they refused is setting forth the nature of God as He deals with all men. The Lord is the same in His nature when it comes to judgment against sinful man today. He will be exalted in judgment because all of His judgments are true. The world can ignore the Bible as a book of myths but it does not change the nature of God. His judgment upon all men will come from the words of the Bible. Jesus taught judgment is according to the word of God.

God is holy in His righteousness and shall be hallowed or sanctified in everything He does. The reality of the Lord God is the goodness and severity of His word is always according to what is right because God is truth. There is no changing or variation in the judgment of the Lord. In courts of men there can be influences that will sway the decision of guilt or innocence. Standing in the judgment hall of the Lord God there is only truth and righteousness. God is holy and all His words are holy and every act He brings upon man good or bad is holy. Reading the Bible man recognizes the need to hallow the name of God in righteousness. Jesus taught His disciples to pray the name of the Father first be hallowed in honor and truth. Prayer is the emptying of man’s will to the commandments of the Lord so that God may be holy and righteous. He will be hallowed whether man accepts Him or not. Isaiah is very clear to say that regardless of how man views God there is only one truth. The Lord of hosts will be exalted in judgment and God who is holy will be hallowed in righteousness.

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