The Greatest Gift


Therefore give to Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people, that I may discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours? (1 Kings 3:9)

The Greatest Gift

Solomon was a man gifted with one of the most incredible opportunities a man would be given in his lifetime. The Lord appears to the young king at Gibeon and tells Solomon to ask for anything and it would be granted. He could have asked for long life and God would have answered his prayer. Solomon could have requested the Lord bless him with great riches and wealth and these things would have been granted. There were many enemies surrounding the young nation and the king would have been granted peace from all his foes through the power of the Almighty. What Solomon asked for pleased the Lord because he had discerned the most important thing a man could possess was not long life, riches or power over his enemies but  an understanding heart to discern what is right and wrong. Many men desire to live long lives. Riches appeal to the hearts of most because they believe their happiness will come from wealth. Having power over their enemies would satisfy the wills of powerful men. All of these things men of a carnal nature seek but the one thing that is more lasting and profitable is the knowledge of right and wrong. Long life can be granted but it will end one day as Methuselah found out at the age of 969 years. Riches and wealth are fleeting because they never last and death separates the fool from his money. Peace from enemies will be short lived when there is no peace from God. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is the greatest nugget of truth man can ever possess. Having an understanding heart to discern what is just and right will give man a greater blessing in life than anything he could imagine. Solomon asked for the greatest gift and God granted him what he asked and all he did not ask for.

There are many things men seek for today that is not uncommon to the plight of carnal man. He seeks long life, riches and power and finds all fleeting. Spending a lifetime trying to stay young and extend life as long as possible ends in death. Wasting every day seeking one more dollar and more possessions with greater riches and wealth deprive men the joy of a sunset, a baby’s cry and the companionship of friends. Trying to exercise power over others as men of prominence and importance is short lived at best. Popularity wanes and the ones who were famous are forgotten. In the heart of the common man who loves the Lord and spends time in the word of God an understanding heart develops that helps him see clearly the joys, pleasures and answers of life. Solomon’s prayer is not a miraculous manifestation for man today. The Bible is the mind of God revealed to man and all a person must do is to spend time in the incredible story of holy writ and his wisdom and understanding will far outlast the intellectuals of the day and the failed attempts of those who look for happiness apart from God. Only from the mind of God can man find peace, richness of spirit and long life in the knowledge of his Creator. Solomon prayed for a heart to judge his people to discern between good and evil. All of these answers are found in the Bible waiting for the inquisitive mind to open its pages and walk the long hallways of wisdom drinking in the knowledge of God. This kind of heart will please the Lord.

Solomon shows the power of prayer. He asks for so little and received so much. His prayer pleased the Lord because his prayer came from a humble heart. There is nothing more precious for the child of God than to know what is right and what is wrong and live according to that truth. Solomon called himself a little child and he knew how much he needed the favor of the Lord. He did not know how to go out or come in and he prayed for God to lead him. Discern between good and evil will bring more happiness and joy to life than anything. Reading the word of God and abiding in His truth and resting upon His promises will grant man a joyful life here and an eternal life in the world to come. Happiness comes from the Lord. Seek His truth and the heart will fill with joy. Walk in the commandments of the Lord and life will be a blessing. Ask for an understanding heart. It will be the greatest gift you will seek.

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