His Way Is Always Best


Consider the work of God; for who can make straight what He has made crooked? In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, so that man can find out nothing that will come after him. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14)

His Way Is Always Best

The evidence of creation is a testimony to the incredible nature of God’s design and purpose that man struggles to accept. From the beginning of the world, the thumbprint of the Creator is clearly seen in the workings of nature and in His word revealed to all those who will believe in the providential care of the heavenly Father. Everything continues as it has from the day it was created. Light fills the expanse in the perfect order as determined by the word of the Lord on day one. The firmament established on day two remains intact and the seas and bodies of water continue to remain in place as does the dry land. Every morning the sun rises as it did when the first man Adam looked upon its warm radiance. The moon and stars remain the same as those who guided Abram to his promised land. Waters abound with an abundance of living creatures as the skies fill with every winged bird according to its kind and the land is filled with cattle and creeping things and beasts. The order of the planet called Earth has continued in its pattern since its first creation eons ago. Everything has its perfect order. The sun is the exact distance from the earth to fill it with warmth and sunshine. The stars remain in their orbits instead of crashing upon the face of the earth destroying human life. Life continues in its natural form as created by the hand of the Lord. The human body is a wonderful testimony to the incredible design of the Lord from conception, birth, early life and old age. Throughout the years of life God’s evidence is magnified to the divine pattern of wisdom. All of this is given for man to consider the work of God and see his need to depend on the Creator for everything he needs. Man cannot change the order of creation established by God.

When man finally comes to know the design of a Creator he learns the will of the Father. God has revealed Himself through the natural world and shown man how to save himself from the harmful consequence of carnal wisdom. Satan has always attacked the plan of the Lord subverting the wisdom of divinity for his own brand of lies for the sole purpose of destroying what God has created. He is limited to only influencing man. He cannot force anyone to obey him. One of the great testimonies of the father is His providential care of His people. When man learns to submit to the will of God he learns to trust in the plan of God. Often the reason that man suffers is because he thinks he knows more than God and chooses to devise his own plan. True wisdom comes when man will trust in the way of the Lord and follow the instructions of the divine will. Like the testimony of creation, the word of the Lord is perfect and designed for man’s completeness. Whether it is a day of prosperity or time of adversity, trusting in the Lord will see a purpose and plan that God has worked in the life of the believer. Like in creation man may not fully realize why the sun is exactly the distance from the earth as it must be; trusting in the providential care of the Father in the life of the believer will create in the soul of man the trust to see things through by the hand of God. Considering the work of God is seeing Him in creation and acknowledging the presence of the Lord in every day of life as His testimony that He will not leave nor forsake His people. God is in control whether man believes it or not. It benefits man to see God in the world and brings eternal joy when man embraces the grace of the Father and His will.

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