The Joy Of Fellowship In God’s Family


I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

The Joy Of Fellowship In God’s Family

There is nothing that can compare to the joy of sharing with those of like precious faith the joy of worship. In the incredible wisdom of God was created the fellowship of kindred spirits lifting up voices in praise and adoration to the praise of the Father. The only limitations are the ability to sing without losing the voice or through exhaustion find one unable to continue. But before the inevitable happens – what a glory is shared when saints come together as one in the house of the Lord to express through song the joys of being a saint of God and fellow servant of Jesus Christ. There is something powerful about singing together. It does not come from the tones of professional training by musical theorists exercising the voice to sing as an orator of song but simple people filled with the Spirit of God that smile, cry and pray for the beauty of the song and joined hearts of love. Fellowship in singing praises to God is one of the most life-changing moments of time a person can experience. Sadly we do not sing as much as we should. Our worship services have to be completed in an hour or less and we only sing a limited numbers of songs. Lost in the hurried pursuit of carnal goals we hasten through our services and rush back to our lives of worldly needs. How difficult it becomes to think about God in such a hurry.

David sums up the feeling of joyous fellowship. He loved to worship the Lord. His longing was to be with God’s people and share in the time of praising Him and honoring Him because of all that the Lord had done in His life. The heart of David was in the place of worship and going to be with God’s people was the joy of his life. They shared in their happiness and lifted one another in times of sadness. Worship in their hearts was a bond of love for all the Father had done for His children. Their lives were woven together in the thread of a heavenly family that enjoyed the same blessings from the elder Son, the power of the Holy Spirit and the eternal love of God the Father. He was glad to go to the house of the Lord and worship. His heart was filled with happiness in anticipation. The spirit of David was revived as the king of Israel stood with the poor and dispossessed of the world together blending their voices toward the throne of God and singing praise. There was no pride or arrogance in this worship. All men were equally needy of the mercy of God whether king or pauper. Singing together wove the heart strings in unison to the glory of His praise.

Today is the first day of the week. How do we feel about what we are permitted to be a part of as we join together in worship? Are we glad today is Sunday and we are going to the house of the Lord to sing and honor the Lord God? It comes down to an attitude of heart. We can look at services today as a drudgery hoping the preacher will not preach past twelve o’clock and we can get to the restaurant before the crowds and back home to watch TV or go shopping or play ball or a myriad of reasons we have to ignore the joy of why we have assembled together as God’s people. David said it best: “I was glad when they said, ‘Let’s go spend some time with God.’” He was not in a hurry. It was not his goal to check in and check out. The heart of David was longing to worship the Lord in His house in His way to His praise. As you and I prepare ourselves to worship today and make all the necessary preparations to dress appropriately, comb the hair, shine the shoes and take our Bibles – don’t forget to take a heart that is filled with the joy of being in the house of the Lord to worship Him. Please do not be anxious to rush through the service and then rush home. Take time to be holy. Be glad when it is time to go to the house of the Lord. What a day that will be when the Savior we will see. Let this day be a precursor of the joy of that moment. Praise God. Let’s worship.

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