The People Of The New Testament Church


Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

The People Of The New Testament Church

There is a difference between those who walk in the darkness of the world and those who walk in the light of the kingdom of God. These are not subtle variants but demonstrative characteristics that consecrate the life of a Christian to the image of the Heavenly Father. Walking in the world is necessary because we live in the world. That way of life is vastly changed from what the norm of society dictates because our walk is to the message of a risen Lord who guides our thoughts, motives and desires. Just because the people of the world act rashly does not mean the Christian should follow their example. When the community is inflamed about a national issue the child of God must remember whom their first allegiance and loyalty resides: Jesus Christ. The actions of the lights of the world will reflect upon the sovereignty of the King we serve and His people. We should never allow ourselves to become embroiled in the affairs of a carnal world that does not show forth Christ in our lives.

It is easy to be overcome by evil. Temptations can ensnare our hearts and we can fall prey to the powerful lust of the flesh. Sin can also knock at the door of our hearts when we allow our example as people of God to be destroyed because we want to take up a cause that is sweeping the nation. This was seen last year during the presidential election when children of the Most High God acted like children of the devil in their speech, actions and disrespect to authority. New issues arise and voices are raised and feelings are raw and in the midst of the wicked confusion of a world gone mad, the disciple of Christ removes his cloak of humility and brandishes a sword of contempt. Overcome by evil the example of the saint of the Lord is tarnished with disgrace.

Evil is overcome by the goodness and righteousness of God. There is no other way. To stamp out evil, the heart of the child of God must remember the admonitions of kindness, forgiveness and humility. The example of a Christian must always be at the forefront of their motives. There are many things we should be concerned about which are good and wholesome. It must be remembered as a child of the living God that we do not have our rights to do as we please. Often we confuse the inalienable rights of being an American with the reality we have no rights under King Jesus Christ. Our lives are not governed by the Constitution of the United States but the constitution of the one Lord. Jesus Christ dictates what we can do and say – not the American nation. We have no rights except what God allows us through His Son. He commands that we not be overcome by evil and to overcome evil by the power of God. Christians are subject to the law of the land in every way because that is the will of God. Only – and only when there is a conflict with the law of God – is the Christian allowed disobeying government. It may be painful to pay taxes but it is not a sin to obey the government.

Brethren must be warned and reminded that we are children of the Most High God. We must not allow our emotions to place us in the midst of the emotional chaos of a world that is filled with wicked intents and thoughts. Let our voices be raised in prayer for our fellow man. Examples of a humble heart will show the truth of the only cause we should be fighting for. The life of a disciple of Jesus Christ will impact more souls for good by showing a spirit of kindness in troubled times than holding a sign screaming unkind words to someone made in the image of God. Ultimately the truth lies in the knowledge that no matter the color of skin, nationality, gender or age – we ALL are children of God in creation and our Creator despises the hatred spilled upon the ground of discontent and malice. Christians live a different life. Now is the time to show the world the power of the soldiers who serve in the army of the Lord. Let the people of God be the beacons of hope and love. Stand for Jesus Christ. Show the world how much you love God.

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