The Lord God Almighty

almighty God

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.” (Genesis 17:1)

The Almighty

Names mean a great deal when speaking of the Lord God who created the world and established His rule among men. The Father does not have a singular name and is described in many different ways as He revealed Himself to man through the long history of the world. Each name served its purpose to define the character of the Lord God. There is no name as powerful as the manner Abram is introduced to the Lord God he served. Twenty-four years earlier the Lord called the son of Terah to leave his family and everything he knew. He was told he would be given a vast tract of land and through a seed yet born the nations of the earth would be blessed. Abram believed God and he followed the will of the Lord going wherever the word of God directed. At the age of ninety-nine, the Lord he served had incredible news. Abram and Sarai would have a son in its proper time. It was inconceivable to think a man who would be one hundred years of age and a wife of nine decades would be blessed with a child. The man of faith did not consider the promise as impossible although his body was dead for procreation and the deadness of Sarah’s womb. In its proper time a son was born to the praise and glory of the one called Almighty God. Conceiving a child and bringing a healthy child into the world for people of age like Abraham and Sarah can only be explained through the mighty power of the Creator. The name of God fit the occasion to show how incredibly powerful the Lord God manifests His glory among men. God is the Almighty because there is nothing He cannot do.

The Almighty spoke the world into existence and formed man from the dust of the ground. He took a rib of Adam and made the Woman. The world was established by the hand of the Almighty who can hold the vast reaches of space within the palm of His hand. Almighty God has a name for every star and knows what every sparrow is doing on the face of the earth. Through His power and might He destroyed the world of Noah killing everything with the breath of life save eight souls. His grace afforded an avenue of escape for the righteous few. With His great power as the Almighty the Lord God brought Egypt low and exalted the Hebrews to be a great nation among nations. No army could stand before the army of the Almighty as He crushed all those who stood against Him. In time His great power was used against His own people as they turned their backs on the Almighty. He blessed them with immeasurable bounty but they refused to hearken to the warnings. By the hand of the Almighty the Assyrian and Babylonian nations wreaked havoc on His people. From the remnant of the righteous the nation was restored to await the coming of the Kingdom of God. Again the Almighty comes to a young family and through a virgin named Mary God sends the world His only begotten Son. Throughout the life of Jesus God gives testimony of His power and might. The son of God raises the dead, heals all diseases, exercises power over nature and the demon world and opens His arms wide to allow man to kill Him. It was on the first day of the week the Almighty asserts His power to raise Jesus from the dead to live evermore. The Almighty establishes the church of Christ to be the kingdom of salvation and truth as it continues to stand for righteousness and truth for two thousand years. One day the Father will send the Son with His mighty angels gathering the faithful to His eternal bosom and destroying in torment those who deny Him. He is the Almighty and He has all power and might.

Knowing the Almighty and how powerful He has shown Himself to be through the ages, what is there in my life that He cannot fix, resolve, change and make better for my good? There is nothing God cannot do in my life if I will allow Him to work in my life. If God can raise Jesus from the dead – the Almighty God can do anything and everything. There can be no greater power than shown by the Almighty destroying all the earth with a great flood and that same power can work for good in my life today if I will be seek His word and His will in my life. Anything I need will be found in the grace of God. He can change my attitude, my will, my desires and my life if I trust the power of the Almighty. It is imperative that I come to know the name ALMIGHTY GOD as the One who can change my life. The problem always comes from a heart that does not believe. God told Abram the Almighty God was going to bring a child into their lives and He did. What can this same Almighty God do in your life? There are no limitations if you let Him dwell in your heart. The Almighty God can resurrect a dead marriage, repair broken relationships, forgive past slights, bring peace and hope to a desperate life. He is the ALMIGHTY. There is none greater.

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