All Those Spiritual Blessings


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. (Ephesians 1:3)

All Those Spiritual Blessings

There is no greater joy a man can express than knowing God so loved the world to give His only begotten Son and through that gift receive so many spiritual blessings. Never before in the history of man has there a time when men could enjoy from the treasure house of God the eternal blessings as those found in Jesus Christ. Job, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David knew the salvation of God but could never imagine the fulfillment of living under the law of Christ and the redeeming blood of God. Paul begins his letter to Ephesus proclaiming the immeasurable blessings each Christian enjoys from the incredible grace of God. The blood of bulls and goats is not the saving measure of salvation in Christ but the precious blood of the Son of God. With all the thousands of sacrifices made through the centuries seeking to redeem man none could take away sin but the blood of Jesus. Every Christian remembers the sacrifice of Jesus when they take of the Lord’s Supper and what a time of thanksgiving this should be. There was nothing man could do to save himself but Jesus died to save man. Each day should be an expression of love for the incredible gift of God giving His Son who willingly allowed man to kill Him on the cross. As He was dying Jesus prayed the Father to forgive those who were killing Him. Rising from the dead on the third day, God gave all men the opportunity to know the spiritual blessings of redemption in Christ if they would come to Him and obey Him. Living life without the guilt of sin is a blessing. Knowing we are redeemed by the blood of Christ is a blessing. Seeing the wrath of God removed is an eternal blessing of knowing eternal life promised is eternal life given.

All spiritual blessings are in Christ. Forgiveness first came in obedience to the will of the Lord when a man is baptized into Christ. Putting on Christ in baptism is the moment the blood of Jesus washes away all sins and purifies the spirit of man to stand whole and clean before the Father. What a joy to know that all sins are taken away as far as the east is from the west and the wrath of God is taken away. In Christ a man enjoys the joy of forgiveness. Through prayer and supplication with sorrowful hearts, children of God seek the forgiveness of sins and the Father takes the sin away. This cannot be done outside of Christ until a person in obedient faith is subject to the plan of salvation. Peter told the first disciples on Pentecost to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins. When they obeyed the word of the Lord their sins were remitted. The spiritual blessing of forgiveness is only found through Christ and in Christ. Prayer is an avenue enjoyed by the children of God alone. A man outside of Christ can seek God and find Him but the joy of continued communication with the Father and asking for all the spiritual blessings is something only found in Christ. Only the children of God can call the Father, “Abba.” To be an heir with Christ one must be in Christ. Inheritance only comes to those who are part of the family of God and this can only be found in the spiritual blessings in Christ. How blessed it is to be in Christ and receive the blessings of a loving and caring Father. He gladly bestows His bounty upon His children to care for them, watch over them and bless them with His presence, His word and His love.

All spiritual blessings are in Christ and should never be taken for granted. Worship is a time to sing praises to the Father who saved His children through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The church is made up of saints who are blessed with His love. Thanksgiving must always be on the heart of those who know the Father’s love. Being together with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the greatest joys in the spiritual trove of blessings in Christ. Praying for one another is a blessing in Christ. Lifting one another up is a blessing in Christ. Exhorting, encouraging, admonishing and challenging one another is what makes the blessings in Christ so important and vital to the life of a Christian. All of God’s family is blessed with the knowledge they share the same Father and He blesses all of His children with their needs in full proportion. Give praise to God for all the spiritual blessings enjoyed in being a child of God.

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