The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)

The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love

On the Day of Pentecost when the first gospel sermons were preached, Peter made a promise that resonates over the generations as the wonderful blessing of God. Remission of sins is granted to those who repent and the gift of the Holy Spirit is bestowed on the hearts of new converts. There is joy in knowing the power of the Spirit working in the life of a Christian as a manifestation of a Father’s love for His children. In contrast to the fleshly works of sin, the fruit of the Spirit is a metaphor expressing how blessed the life of the Christian can be. From creation, the Lord ordained the world to bear fruit for the sustenance of man providing all his needs. The fruit of the ground gives man nutrients to feed his body and the fruit of animals provide food, drink and clothing. In the spiritual world, the fruit of the Spirit supplies man with all his needs.

The apple tree bears apples and the orange tree produces oranges.  Love is a fruit of the Spirit. There are many types of love. As the apple and orange bear the nature of the tree, real love can only come from the spiritual tree of the Holy Spirit. Sin destroys the character of love by using it for fleshly purposes. The only true kind of love is that which flows from the Holy Spirit yielding a fruit that when man partakes, gives him the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment. This kind of love is deeper, bearing fruit of its own in the heart. In the design of the church, God has placed the work of the Holy Spirit to fill the soul of man with an eternal love that flows beyond the boundaries of the fleshly world. A Christian is someone who learns the love of God in their life and expresses that love toward others.

Love is a learned process. This is why the Holy Spirit is vital to the nature of love. The basic character of love is possessed by all men but the deeper love of compassion, forgiveness and kindness can only come from the Spirit. Learning the word of God helps man see the compassion of the Lord and the power of forgiveness. If God so loved us how can we not love others? Our love for our fellow man is learned from the love God has for all men. Learning to love our husband or wife is found in the relationship of Christ and the church. Forgiveness cannot be accomplished without love and this type of love will only come from the fruit of the Spirit living in our lives. We forgive others because God has forgiven us. If there is no love in the heart, forgiveness will never happen.

The fruit of the Spirit is love and this love guides us in the affairs of the heart. There is greater joy and peace because of a love flowing from the throne of God. Life is seen clearer through eyes of spiritual love. Contentment reigns in the heart when the fruit of the Spirit dwells in the soul. The more we fill ourselves with the loving fruit of the Spirit, the more filling our lives will be in peace. Love is showered upon us because of the love of God and we drink deeply of the nectar of eternal love that flows throughout our bodies. What a joy to experience the fruit of the Spirit and being filled with love. Partake of the fruit of the Spirit and seek out the orchards of love He offers to all who will come. This fruit is everlasting.

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2 Responses to The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love

  1. Darlene.Bennett. 5133 76 Street No. StPetersburg, Fl. 33709. Phone 7272526501 says:

    Attended Sunday May 7th AM please send me amount needed by You to send me a CD of sermon. Thank You Sincerely, Darlene Bennett


    • heatonkent says:

      I will put one in the mail this week. It was so good to have you visit with us and we look forward to any time you can return. No cost for the CD’s. God bless.


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