The Christmas Story And The Wise Men

The Christmas Story And The Wise Men

(Kent Heaton)

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land

Not a Bible was open in anyone’s hand.

The story of Jesus is told again and again

But the truth of His birth is confused among men.

They tell of his birth in a place called a stable

His mother and father were not even able

To find a room at a place for him at an inn

So they settled for a manger to place the Lord in.

With shepherds around him and wise men there

The story of Jesus is told with small care

A star is above the stable so high

As the scene of His birth is told in a lie.

We read of a story much changed from this

From the words of men who tell it amiss.

They celebrate Christmas as if Christ is there

But never see what the scriptures lay bare.

The Lord was laid in a manger so soft

And the shepherds saw angels singing praises aloft

They came and found Mary and the child in that place

And gave praises to God for His wonderful grace.

But the wise men were not there nor ever would be

They saw the star in the East and made haste to see

The one who was born King of the Jews

The one who would bring such wonderful news.

They found the young child secure in a home

With Mary His mother and Joseph alone.

There were no shepherds as told by men

There was no manger nor ever had been.

They gave Him their gifts and they parted away

Warned by God to go home another way.

Herod came and killed all the males

In his anger and wrath he made Rachel wail.

The story is told in the Bible for all

To heed the true words and the gospel call.

It matters much what the story will say,

We must obey all of He who is the Way.

The apostle John wrote down in his book

That every man must take time to look

At what he may add to the words of this story

Or what he may take from the divine glory.

The story of His birth is one story alone

And man must not change one word or one tone.

God’s word is true and will always stand

Through the passing of time and the shifting of sand.

Speak truth my friend and you will find

No other story and no other kind.

So wonderful and glorious as this story told

As the story of Jesus from the pages of old.

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