The Heart Is A Mirror

heart is mirror

As in water face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man. (Proverbs 27:19)

The Heart Is A Mirror

Mirrors have a long history over time as men formed reflections by polished stones, copper, bronze, and metal-backed glass. Water was probably the first form of the mirror but men found it hard to hang on a wall. In 1835, a German chemist named Justus von Liebig developed what would become common for mirrors today. Mirrors are one of the most common items in the world and yet the least applied. They are an essential part of life but more often than not create a false image of the reality of what is reflected.

One of the important functions of a mirror is to reflect the truth with an assumed action to correct what needs to be changed. The principle of a mirror is that what is seen is absolute. What is seen is real. How often the function of a mirror is only to fill the heart with vanity. The wise man suggested as a face is reflected in water, so the heart reveals the character of a man. This can be good and this can be bad. There is no prejudice in a mirror. What is in the heart is what makes the person righteous or unrighteous.

The heart reveals the true character of a man like a mirror gives a true image of the face. Looking into the heart will describe the kind of person he or she will be. Unveiling the heart will tell a man what kind of person he truly is. There are no false images of the heart. Jesus taught His disciples that what comes out of the mouth originates in the heart. Like a mirror, the heart reflects the good or the evil heart. It is possible to put a false image before others but the heart is a bright, shiny, and revealing mirror. One of the challenges faced in the heart is to admit what is there is possessed by the soul. If a man wants to be devoted and faithful to God, he must begin with his heart. A faithful, dedicated and prayerful servant is not one on the outside. The beginning of holiness is when the heart becomes the image of God.

Modern mirrors are made by coating glass with a substance on the back that causes the reflection. Spiritually speaking, if a piece of glass has nothing on the back it is nothing by a clear piece of glass and empty. A heart that is not filled with the grace of God is empty. Sadly, every heart is filled with something. Most fill their hearts with the pleasures of the world, carnality, immorality, and pride. This makes the heart an empty shell of deceit because none of these things will last. When a man places Jesus Christ in his heart he will reflect the glory of God in his life. Like mirrors who reflect the true nature of what is standing before it, so the heart reflects the true image of the soul.

A man’s heart reveals the nature of a man. That is an eternal truth. If a person wants to reflect holiness they must have holy hearts. Kindness comes from hearts filled with kindness. Forgiveness cannot come from hearts that are not reflecting the forgiveness of God. Mirrors tell a stark story because they reflect the truth. Examining life will determine the reality of the heart of what is important. The kind of person you are comes from the kind of heart you have. If you are not living a life devoted to God it is because your heart is not devoted to God. That is an eternal truth. Thankfully hearts can change to reflect the glory of God. When you look into water, you see a likeness of your face. When you look into your heart, you see what you are really like.

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  1. Treassa says:

    That’s awesome, thank you Kent.


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