Sin Is Owned By Self

Amaziah was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned twenty-nine years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Jehoaddan of Jerusalem. And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a loyal heart. Now it happened, as soon as the kingdom was established for him, that he executed his servants who had murdered his father the king. However he did not execute their children but did as it is written in the Law in the Book of Moses, where the Lord commanded, saying, “The fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor shall the children be put to death for their fathers; but a person shall die for his own sin.” (2 Chronicles 25:1-4)

Sin Is Owned By Self

Amaziah was the eighth descendent of Solomon to sit on the throne of David as king of Judah. His father, Joash, was seven when he became king, and Amaziah was born in the fifteen year of his reign. Most of the reign of Joash followed in the way of the Lord as long as the high priest, Jehoiada, lived. At the death of Jehoiada, Joash turned his heart away from the Lord, and he was killed by his own servants, Zabad and Jehozabad. Amaziah was twenty-five years old when he became king and would rule over Judah for twenty-nine years, following in the way of the Lord. The Holy Spirit notes the heart of Amaziah was not loyal to the Lord.

It was not uncommon when a king began to rule to remove all those who opposed him. The great-grandfather of Amaziah, Jehoram, killed all his brothers and many of the princes of Israel. After Jehoram died by the hand of the Lord, his wife Athaliah usurped the throne for six years after killing all the royal heirs of the house of Judah. Joash, the son of Ahaziah, was hidden by his sister for six years while Athaliah reigned over the land. When Amaziah began to rule, he executed the servants who had murdered his father, the king. Joash had turned his heart away from the Lord. When a small army of Syrians came against Judah, God allowed the Syrians to punish Joash and Judah for forsaking Him. Joash was severely wounded in the battle, and his servants killed him in his bed.

Amaziah punished the men who killed the king in accordance with the Law of Moses. The family of Zabad and Jehozabad did not suffer any harm, as would often be the case. God had written in the Law of Moses that parents must not be put to death for the sins of their children, nor children for the sins of their parents. Those deserving to die must be put to death for their own crimes. Sin is accountable from individual guilt, and the Lord only holds the individual responsible for his sin. A parent can be an evil parent, but the child will be judged by his or her choices. An evil child will not be held as a judgment against the parent. Adam and Eve were not guilty of Cain’s sin. God judges each person as an individual who is solely accountable for their own sin.

Human nature wants to deflect guilt to someone other than the one guilty. Society is blamed for the decisions people make. Parents are held in disdain for the conduct of children. Blame is given for sinful actions to everyone except the one that God sees. There is an influence that society has on people, and parents can neglect their children, but the Lord will not acquit someone because of the sins of another. In the case of the family of Achan (conquest of Jericho), they were all culpable and guilty and deserved the wrath of God. The lesson from Amaziah is that each person will stand before the Lord with every person that has lived on the face of the earth and will be standing alone before a righteous God. You are responsible for yourself.

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