The Word Of Truth

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

The Word Of Truth

From the beginning of time, God has revealed His mind for men to know and understand what they must do to be saved. Sin brought condemnation and the fear of God’s wrath. Christ came into the world to become the atonement for sin through His blood. Entrance into the kingdom of God is only through the Son of God. The only way of salvation is Jesus Christ. Eternal life can only come by the blood of God’s Son. The whims of human wisdom do not measure truth but the word of truth that comes from the Father. There are two distinct elements to the way of salvation. First is the necessity of the word to impart knowledge, and second, a body of truth that will tell a man how to be saved. The word of truth is the information given by the grace of God showing sinful men how to find hope in eternal life.

There are many words spoken today that are powerful, but they are not according to truth. False doctrines or false truths are presented as the word of God. The world is filled with different churches teaching different doctrines with many avenues of salvation offered within each distinctive group. Some teach salvation by faith alone as truth. One group believes in following a man in Rome as God on earth. Churches vary in their patterns of worship, organization, doctrines, and membership. There are volumes of differences in the religious world defining truth by the word of their belief. While professing allegiance to Jesus Christ, they deny His teaching and His truth.

The word of truth is the body of truth that comes solely from the mouth of God. Paul admonished Timothy to examine the word of God in a proper manner to understand the word of truth. When Paul wrote his second letter, the canon of the New Testament had not been completed, but there were many books established as authoritative as truth. The Old Testament was truth verified by Jesus speaking of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms. In the present world, the fully revealed word of God has been delivered for all men to read and understand the mystery of God as presented through the Holy Spirit, inspiring men to write the will of the Father. The sixty-six books of the Bible is not a book of myths but the complete revelation of God’s word – the word of truth. Everything from Genesis to the Revelation is the mind of God delivered to the world to know how to find eternal life. There is no other truth, no other book, and no other revelations. If truth is to be found, it must be contained within the pages of the Bible.

Finding truth requires looking in the right place. Understanding the truth of God demands acceptance of the Bible as the fully revealed and complete word of God. The Bible cannot be trifled with by taking away its doctrines or adding to the word of God. Rightly dividing the word of truth is examining with a proper spirit how God has revealed His word. The word of truth sees the importance of the Old Testament to learn about the Divine and accept the message of the New Testament as the only means salvation can be found. The church of Christ is the only body where the saved are found, and those who give allegiance to the Lord must do so with complete obedience to the word of truth. There is no other truth. Whatever is believed and accepted is found in scripture because truth resides in the word of God. The word of truth. Jesus is the word, and Jesus is the truth.

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