His Final Words


He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

His Final Words

The Bible contains thousands of words that span eons of time from the oracles of Moses describing the beginning of the universe until the final revelation of God through the apostle John. Each part of the Bible is carefully crafted to unveil the eternal work of the Father to send His only begotten Son for the redemption of fallen man. Hope is threaded throughout the text to show that while man is often rebellious and contemptuous against his creator; the love of God continually shows mercy offering grace through obedience. In the beginning, Moses describes the creation of the world and tells the story of Israel and her birth as the apple of God’s eye. Writers moved by the Holy Spirit record the history of the people of God from the days of conquest under Joshua to the glory days of a united kingdom under Saul, David, and Solomon. The latter part of the Old Testament reveals the nature of sin and how Israel is destroyed as a harlot going after her lovers in the nations around her. A period of four hundred years settles upon the world before the revelation of the Son of God as the Christ takes on flesh. Four men describe in detail the life of Jesus before the church explodes upon the pages of holy writ in the book of Acts. The final section of the Bible contains letters and epistles from the early disciples showing the character of the saints of God. Every word of the Bible is essential to know the mind of God and His will. It is imperative to see the final words of Jesus as a key to understanding the whole message of the Bible.

Throughout the revelation of God’s word, the message of eternity fills every page. Man was created as an eternal creature bound in a fleshly tabernacle that is short-lived. The frivolity of human wisdom denied the nature of man yet the reality of life continually reminded him that life was short. In the Garden of Eden, the truth of judgment was immediately impressed on Adam and Eve in response to their disobedience. There will be a consequence of rejecting the word of God. The Bible is example after example of this same principle being impressed upon the heart of men that life is like a vapor that appears for a short time and disappears but after that a judgment of certainty. Even if a man lived to be the age of Adam (930 years) the summation of his life is found in the words, “and he died.” For those who lived in the days of Noah, judgment came in the force of a flood that destroyed every living creature that had the breath of life save the eight souls in the ark. Israel was a proud nation destroyed by the hand of the Lord because they did not believe in the coming judgment of God. Jesus taught His disciples to fear the dreadful day of the Lord and the early disciples of the church lived as if Jesus would return at any moment. The final word of Jesus in the book of Revelation is the nature of God’s revealed word: He was coming back and He was coming soon.

God gave man the Bible to help prepare him for the inevitable judgment of the Creator. Every man will stand before the Lord and every man will be judged by the words of His righteousness. Jesus says, “Yes, I am coming” and all humanity must understand and believe the words not only of the Revelation but the other books of God’s revealed word contained in the Bible. Jesus will come. The Savior will return and it will be sooner than anyone expects. It has become difficult for men to believe the final words of the Lord since these words were given two thousand years ago but they still ring true in the life of men. It is not a matter that God has not destroyed the world in two thousand years but that life is short and when a man dies, in a figure, the coming of the Lord has taken place. There will come a day when no man will die as the trumpet of God will sound and the world will come to an end. Death accomplishes the same thing. Too many souls have not prepared themselves for the return of Jesus and lived as if death will never happen. The final words of Jesus serve as notice that all men will die and those who remain until the coming of the Lord will face the same judgment. He will come and that is certain. His coming will be soon and that is certain. Being found alive at His coming will be a glorious moment for the saved that have lived each day with the knowledge that death could come quicker. Whether to live for the coming of the Lord or to live for the time of death is of no concern for those who believe in the promises of God. Jesus is coming. Lord come quickly.

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