Adding Or Taking Away From God’s Revelation

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For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. (Revelation 22:18-19)

Adding Or Taking Away From God’s Revelation

One of the attributes of God impressed upon the pages of scripture is when He calls Himself Jealous. Giving the law to Israel began with the declaration that they should have no other gods before them because God’s name was Jealous and He was a jealous God. If there was one thing Israel understood in both language and action by the Lord God was the nature of His jealousy for their allegiance, faithfulness, and obedience to His word. The history of Israel is revealed whether they accepted His will or chose to follow their own will. When the people accepted the word of God and obeyed, blessings came abundantly. However, more often than not, the people murmured and rebelled against the will of the Lord and suffered greatly because of it. The jealousy of God was very simple to explain. There was no other way but the way of the Lord. It was not acceptable to serve the gods of the nations around them. If Jehovah was not the first place in their lives, it was not acceptable. The only power that brought them out of bondage was the power of God and He demanded they serve no other gods or make any graven images to honor gods of men. God’s name was Jealous and anything less than that was unacceptable. Understanding the jealous nature of God will also help the religious world understand how God feels about His divine revelation, the Bible. If God is a jealous God regarding His nature then He is also a jealous God regarding His book.

The apostle John was privileged to receive a revelation of things that would shortly come to pass. As the aged disciple pens the revelation of Jesus Christ he unfolds the majesty of the Divine and the power of God among all men. The book of the revelation is an incredible book of imagery and descriptive stories unveiling the oversight of the Lord God among the nations of men, the carnal desires of man and the ultimate divine will planned before time began. As the Holy Spirit draws to a close the revelation and John finishes his book, the Lord God places His seal upon the message of the revelation when He declares that nothing should be added to the message and nothing should be taken away. What John has written is the divine will, the eternal message and the spiritual hope of humanity that came from the mouth of God. For all those who hear the message of the revelation, they are bound by the jealous decree of the Lord that nothing can be added to its content. This remains true if a man will attempt to remove anything from the words of the prophecy of the book. Adding or taking away from God’s message will bring about severe consequences from the author of the book and His name is Jealous. This is not a novel idea attached just to John’s book. Moses declared in the Law that Israel must listen to the statutes and judgments of God and they could not add to the word which God commanded them, nor take away from it. The stories of Nadab and Abihu affirm this message as well as the tragic story of Uzzah. God’s word is holy because He is jealous.

God’s name has not changed. He is still a jealous God who demands that men do not add or take away from His message. Today the revelation contains that which is perfect or entire as found in the Bible. What John said in Revelation is the same message of what can be found between the books of Genesis and Revelation. Do not add to what God has said. It is not permitted for anyone to take away what is found in His book. And yet that is the common practice of man-made churches today who say they are following the will of the Lord. It is incredulous to examine the teachings of the religious world and ask a simple yet profound question: where is what you teach in the Bible? If what a person believes or says cannot be found on the pages of the Bible, it is not the word of God! There is no other way to say how jealous God is about His will than to demand that if a man believes something it must be in the Bible and the Bible alone. Consider the name of the church you belong – is it found in the Bible? Can you find in the Bible everything you teach, believe and practice? This is the first hurdle to cross before determining the will of the Lord. Why is it so hard for the religious world to see that God is a jealous God and if it is not in the Bible then it is not His will? Adding to the word of God will have eternal consequences of damnation. Taking away from the word of God will have the same result. There are many who deny what is plainly written in scripture. The religious world must stop listening to men and start reading the word of God. If a man declares he will no longer preach on sin then he stands condemned before a jealous God for taking away what is clearly taught in scripture. To suggest that sexuality is a choice and marriage is no longer defined by the will of God will bring the wrath of the jealous God who condemns sexuality immorality and established marriage between one man and one woman. Refusing to teach the grace of salvation as taught in the Bible denies the authority of scripture. The final day of God’s wrath will be given to all men who refuse to recognize how jealous God is about His word. Adding to his word and/or taking away from His word will bring about eternal consequences.

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