Parents Of Faith

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By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command. (Hebrews 11:23)

Parents Of Faith

The Egyptian government was the most powerful empire in the world. It ruled with great might and influence among all the nations. No one would dare go against the law of Egypt especially the command of the Pharaoh. There were no courts of mercy when a person could appeal his case to a higher authority because the only authority was the word of the sole rule of the land of the Nile. Pharaoh was a wicked despot who enslaved his people for his own glorification. No regard was given to humanity. Death would be the sentence at the most trivial matters. Slaves were killed by the thousand to fund the building projects of the Egyptian’s vanity. Enslaved many years before, the Hebrews bore the brunt of the wrath of Pharaoh as he put them into forced labor in mortar, in brick, and in all manner of service in the field. Fearing the foreigners would become too numerous, the Egyptian ruler declared a law that would change the face of the world. He commanded his people to kill all male Hebrew newborn babies. If a baby was born to the Hebrews and an Egyptian found the baby boy, it was to be cast into the Nile to die. This was not a suggestion but a lawful command from the throne of Pharaoh. There is no record of how many babies perished in this terrible ethnic cleansing policy. When a time of birth was to be a time of rejoicing, fear filled the homes of expectant mothers as the gender of the child was revealed at birth. If a girl was born tears of relief filled the house but if a boy was born there was dread and fear and possibly death for that child. The law of the land allowed citizens to kill Hebrew babies that were male.

Amram, the grandson of Levi and great-grandson of Jacob, married Jochebed, his father’s sister and they had a son named Aaron and a daughter called Miriam. Like their fellow Hebrews, Amram and Jochebed lived under the severe hand of the Pharaoh. Their life was filled with harsh conditions, impossible burdens and the fear of an ever-increasing hostile land. To their dismay, news came to their home that under Egyptian law, all male children born to the Hebrews was to be killed. Jochebed became pregnant with their third child. Would it be a boy or a girl? Life and death were held in the balance. When the day of deliverance came for their child to be born they looked into the eyes of a beautiful baby boy. There would be dread at the news knowing that prying eyes could discover the gender of the newborn and death would be swift. Wrapping the child in swaddling clothes, they took every effort to hide the little boy from the people. It was not easy to hide a crying baby. Three months passed as they carefully kept secret from the law enforcement officials their third child was a boy. Trusting in the care of the Lord, they devised a plan to leave the three-month-old baby in an ark of bulrushes near the place the daughter of Pharaoh came to bathe. The baby boy was discovered and taken by Pharaoh’s daughter to be her son calling him Moses and the rest is revealed as the history of God’s people. Moses’ parents had incredible faith in the power and providence of God to protect their child. Living in a world where news of a baby boy would bring immediate death for the child and possibly for anyone caught hiding them, Amram and Jochebed believed in a greater power than the fearful Egyptian military. They were not afraid of the king’s command. The law of the land demanded death for the male children but the parents of Moses feared the Lord God more than the Egyptian government. Moses bore the Egyptian name that would endear him to the pinnacle of Jewish history but his parent’s faith was instilled in his heart to serve God before all others. The life of Moses is filled with victories and mighty failures but constant in the heart of Moses was a faith he first saw residing in the heart of his parents. They did not fear the command of the king and trusted in God to deliver them.

The church must be filled with parents like Amram and Jochebed that live each day with a devoted faith in the power of God to live in their lives. For now, no law requires the death of a newborn male child (although abortion is murdering thousands of God’s children daily) but the faith of Amram and Jochebed must be emulated in the hearts of God’s people. Their faith was firmly established in their lives before the decree came down from Pharaoh. Faith did not come from reading the Law of Moses, the Prophets, Psalms or the New Testament gospels and epistles. None of the Bible had been written at this time. Sadly, the Hebrews had been in bondage to the nation of Egypt for many generations. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were living in a foreign land far away from the promises made by God to bless the Hebrews. The people believed in the power of God in a world far from the grace of God’s blessings. Amram and Jochebed followed the will of the Lord in the faith they had to trust in His word and believe in His promises. When the king declared a law putting a death sentence on their son, the parents of Moses turned to the Lord. Godly parents will take the word of God and put it first in their own hearts and then instill in the minds of their children to be in love with the Lord, His word and His way. The struggle of faith to overcome the persecutions of life will only come from hearts that are fully trained by the word of God. Parents of faith are fathers who lead as men of God and mothers who show the grace of God in their lives. Let their children rise up and call them blessed because they know God. Parents of faith are parents who are of faith.

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