Protection In The Storms Of Life

storm sea boat

Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, they see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. For He commands and raises the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea. They mount up to the heavens, they go down again to the depths; their soul melts because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits’ end. Then they cry out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses. He calms the storm, so that its waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet; so He guides them to their desired haven. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! Let them exalt Him also in the assembly of the people, and praise Him in the company of the elders. (Psalm 107:23-32)

Protection In The Storms Of Life

Sailing the waters of the world has long been the trade of brave men and women venturing into an unknown and often dangerous world. Whether crossing oceans or traversing seas and lakes, sailing can be an incredibly beautiful canvas of serenity and peace but can turn suddenly into certain death. The Sea of Galilee was known for its sudden squalls that would test the mettle of the seasoned fisherman. Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea was often a test of will to survive the huge storms that raked across its broad plain. An unknown psalmist describes the terror of the deep for those who venture on the uncertain seas. He also shows the glory of God in the face of horizons filled with the blue seas of God’s creation. The seas testify to the magnificent beauty of God’s creation and the wonders of the deep. Facing the stormy winds can bring a man to realize how small his boat in the vastness of God’s seas. The waves of the sea lift themselves above the vessels swallowing them with violent fury as if touching heaven itself. Storms rake across the vast space of water as if a trivial thing and man is caught in the whirlpools of wind, waves and thunder. Tossed to and fro ships struggle to remain above the growing swells as tack and cables are strained to breaking and falling into the depths. Like drunken men unable to control the elements, seasoned men are fearful of the coming calamity as the seas spew forth their violence in waves after waves beating on the vessels. Cries and screams are heard as men face certain death. They cry out to the Lord for deliverance begging the mercies of the God to spare them. By His providential hand the Almighty brings them out of their distress and calms the storm. Beleaguered hearts rejoice for the terror of the night is passed and the waves have become still. As the sun rises over the vast expanse of sea the ship sails calmly to its haven.

Many men will look at the night’s fearful journey as another day in life no different than another. They consider themselves lucky to have survived attributing their lives to fate and skill of the seaman. To the few there is a deeper realization that deliverance came by the hand of God and their hearts are filled with thanksgiving at His kind hand to stay the seas and allow passage to the harbor. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness. The same storm will cause one man to curse God and another man to pray to God. Those who love the Lord will praise His tender care in guiding them through the tempest. His wonderful works are found in the midst of the storm, the calming of the soul during the crisis of the night and His love to preserve and protect His people. Thanksgiving should dwell in the heart of all those who pass through the storms of life to honor the God who blesses His saints with His presence. There is reason to exalt the name of the Almighty in the assembly of the people when He delivers the faithful. Praise the Lord for His care and protection of those who find themselves melting in a time of trouble and experiencing the deliverance of God. What a joy to come through the storm and feel the radiance of His love.

Not all men travel the seas of the world but all men journey across the face of life enduring the days of calm and peace and the days of great travail and fear. What makes men different from one another is how they face the waves of the sea and fear of the depths. Life changes can bring heartache, fear, dismay and doubt. No one is exempt from disease, sorrow, death or the maladies of life. Life can be changed in the moment without warning. As the sea is calm and tranquil one moment a sudden squall of tragedy can strike without warning. Seasoned seamen know how to endure the stormy winds of life with a spiritual courage to see them through the storm. Trusting God will see them through the faithful heart will trust the Lord in the face of the waves of the sea battering against the heart. The soul can melt in the face of trouble but crying out to the Lord in their trouble He will bring them out of their distress and calm the storm. It may be the Lord allows the storm to rage outside and He calms the storm inside. His wonderful works are evident when He guides the troubled soul to its safe haven. This can only be found in a deep relationship with the Lord God. Too often inexperienced and untried men try to find peace in a God they know little about. Facing the storms of life will fare much better by those who will give thanks for His greatness and trust in His guiding hand to help them through the uncertainties. All men share in the storms of life. What makes a difference is the God they call upon to deliver them. There is only one God of the storm and one God that will deliver. Exalt Him and praise Him and He will deliver.

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