Never Enough

How much is enough concept

Hell and Destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied. (Proverbs 27:20)

Never Enough

The insatiable desires of men are never filled though centuries come and go. Of all the billions of souls that have walked on the face of the earth and the six billion that reside on the earth now, one constant remains and that is the never ending need of man to have enough. He never does. Someone suggested that enough is always more than what we have. Contentment is a hard pill to swallow when the desires of the eye draw the hearts of men to want more and more. If we gain wealth, we want more. When we achieve success, there is another mountain to climb. A new car turns old and we must have another. Our homes are never big enough, our stuff multiplies from a wanting eye of covetousness, reams are filled with how much more and how much higher can we pile our things so we can find happiness. And we never do because we never have enough. Our mistaken idea of contentment and joy is rooted in the uncertain accumulation of things that have no meaning. Death is the final separation of the things that matter and the things that do not. Naked we came into the world and it is in nakedness we leave this world.

There have been billions of souls who have died since the beginning of time yet the place of the dead is not full. Destruction or death is an everyday remembrance of the uncertainty of life and it is never satisfied. In a contrast of comparisons, death and hades are never full and the desires of man are never full and in death man is complete because there is nothing left. The grave is empty of the possessions we fill our lives with. All of the things we fret about in life are left to the counsel of the living. Crossing the river of death is in a tiny boat filled only with our soul. There is no covetousness beyond the grave or desire to have more. The passions of life have ended. Time is removed and eternity begins either with joy or with horror. The existence of man is no longer measured by his relentless desire to have more because there will be no more. All he has spent his whole life to attain is lost including his eternal reward.

The lesson of death and hades is to know the certainty of death and the uncertainty of riches. Enough is what we have and that is all. There is a period after gaining enough to find contentment, not a comma. The Christian has a heart attuned to the blessings of God that gives a spirit of happiness because enough is possessing the Lord. We can gain all the gold in this world and lose it all in death or we can gain the riches of Jesus Christ and gain all of glories of Heaven when we die. Godliness is a precious commodity to enjoy in this life and the life to come. The desires of the eye can never be satisfied but the joys of salvation will find peace in the heart of God.

Death and the realm of the dead will never be full and one day the Lord will destroy both. Heaven is a place for prepared people who have set aside the wealth of redemption in their hearts. God must be enough. He is the all in all and there can be no more. Immersing our lives in the word of God living with the hope of eternal life will give us a contentment that sees beyond the pale of this world. Learning to live with a gratified heart will let the eyes see the true glory of life. The Lord God is all we need to possess our soul and we will be satisfied beyond measure. Slow down, take time to be holy and find contentment in the presence of a loving God.

Covetousness makes a man miserable, because riches are not means to make a man happy. (Jeremy Taylor, Holy Living, 1650)

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