Jesus In Six Lessons


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham. (Matthew 1:1)

Jesus In Six Lessons

Matthew begins his gospel with the evidence that Jesus is of the lineage of Abraham, proving His relationship to the Jewish people. Found in these sixteen words are the building blocks of the story of Jesus and what He came to do. The other gospel writers will open the treasure house of God’s Son as God on earth living as a man showing His power to the world.

1 – The book of Matthew is a book within a book telling the story of Jesus from the beginning of creation. Jesus was before creation and through Him the world was formed. The redemption of man begins with the telling of a Seed that would redeem man from the penalty of sin and each page opens the corridors of God’s grace leading to Golgotha where Jesus died for the sins of all men. Jesus declared how the books of Law, the Prophets and Psalms all declared His character and His message. The early disciples taught Jesus from the Old Testament because all of the sacred writings declared the glory of the coming Christ.

2 – A genealogy is the study of a history linking one person to another. Matthew will confirm Jesus was of the nation of Israel while Luke will trace Jesus to the first man, Adam. The genealogy of Jesus is important because it shows He is the fulfillment of the Seed promise through Abraham as a Jew but also that all men share in the physical nature of Jesus as a man of flesh. John will declare that God became flesh. The genealogy of Jesus traces Him to the beginning of time and God becomes part of the chain of the human experience.

3 – The name “Jesus” was given to Him by His heavenly Father. He was known as Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus of Galilee, and Jesus Son of David. The gospel writers never refer to the Son of God as Christ Jesus. He is the man from Nazareth who had brothers and sisters and commonly known as the son of Joseph and Mary. He walked among men as a man with no distinction in his visage and appearance. Isaiah suggests that Jesus was as common a man that He would blend into a crowd. God became man to endure the trials of humanity and to feel the searing pain of death like all men.

4 – He was the Christ, the Messiah. Jesus was the anointed of God wearing the title of the Christ. He was the one sent by the Father to bring all men back to Him. John declared Him God on earth showing His power through the signs and wonders. His teaching was forceful with the authority of the Heavenly Father. His divinity proved Him to be the Promised one shown by the writers of sacred text to be the fulfillment of every word. As the Christ, Jesus became the author of salvation.

5 – Jesus was called the Son of David. Three times in scripture, Jesus is referred to as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The promise made to David of the anointed sitting on his throne established the rule of Jesus Christ as the sole authority and head of the church. He is the only way of salvation, the only body of truth and the only life where man will find redemption. Peter will declare on the day of Pentecost that Jesus of Nazareth died on a cross to be raised up the third day declared to be both Lord and Christ. All authority is given to Jesus as Christ and His rule is complete.

6 – Finally, Jesus is of the seed of promise. The significance of Jesus being the seed of Abraham is the eternal truth that God keeps His promise. Throughout the many generations since the first promise made to Abraham, God’s word is true and faithful. Nothing changed that promise. He promised all men would be blessed through the Seed that would come from the loins of Abraham and Jesus Christ was that fulfillment. God cannot lie. What He promises He keeps. Nothing ever fails from the promise of God. If there is one single truth that all men must rest their hope upon, it is the knowledge the word of God is true and complete. Jesus is the embodiment of truth.

Thank God for Jesus Christ, His story, His life; the Son of David; the son of Abraham

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