He Is The God Of Hope


Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

He Is The God Of Hope

The Lord created man and placed him in a beautiful garden with every blessing he would need to find happiness. Sin destroyed that paradise and man was estranged from God. Immediately man learned the nature of the One who formed him, instilled in him a heart of grace and gave man a beacon of light to carry him through the darkness of sin. In the midst of the pronouncements against the action of the serpent, the woman and the man, the Lord God tells man there is hope. He will not be destroyed or cast aside but the Lord will save man through the promise of a Seed that would come as Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Through every generation, the message of hope was carried by the people of God until the fullness of time when the Son of God was revealed to the world. The hope promised in the garden was not a wishful hope that only chance could make possible. It was not just an expectant hope where there is the possibility it may not come to pass. There was instilled in the lineage of man’s soul a certain hope that God would bring to man a promise of eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That hope was realized on the first day of the week following the crucifixion of a man from Nazareth when God raised Jesus from the dead. From the first day of man’s fall, the Lord had promised salvation through the Seed. That promise was never in jeopardy and the Lord never forgot His promise. The certainty of God’s love was expressed in the life of Jesus and fulfilled in His sacrifice on the cross so that all men could experience a living hope based upon the immutability of the counsel of God.

Every generation that has walked on the face of the earth has received the promise of God through the perfection of His word. He does not lie and every promise He made came to pass because God is truth. It was not until the revelation of the Christ the mystery hidden from time beginning was revealed and the grace of God was spread throughout the world. Nothing man could imagine or devise would create the promise of eternal life as clearly as the message of hope given by God. It was not a weak promise. The hope given by God was demonstrated by the love of His Son dying for all sin and bearing the iniquity of all men. Two thousand years removed from that great sacrifice the promise of eternal life shines as brightly as ever before. The hope for man today is not hidden in the shadows of broken promises. The Lord is the God of hope because His word is everlasting. Men fail God but God never fails man. Reading the Bible reveals the character of the unchanging nature of the eternal Father. His word came to pass whether for good or evil. He promised Noah that He would save him from the destruction of the world and eight souls were saved through hope. Noah did not build the ark based upon a maybe or good possibility the flood would come. He did all God commanded because he knew that hope rested on the absolute word of God. The judgment did come to pass upon the wicked and the grace of salvation came through the ark because God’s word was true. Example after example illustrates the sovereign message of hope bound in the character of a loving God.

The God of hope should fill the hearts of all those who believe in His word. Eternal life is not a maybe promise or a wishful thinking exercise in the remote possibility God is right. He is the God of hope and the child of God can be filled with all joy and peace knowing that everything promised by the Lord is an eternal guarantee. It requires a person to believe in the word of God and to trust in His promises. Abounding in hope is what changes the heart to live every day with the blessed assurance that all the things promised by the Lord will come to pass. The deluded milk of wishful thinking will never secure the soul of man to embrace an eternal hope. Only when the power of the Holy Spirit fills the heart, soul and mind of man to rest assured of the eternal promises of God will hope live fully in their lives. He is the God of hope because there is nothing greater to hope and no greater promise given by so great a God. Jesus Christ is the living representation of eternal life in the resurrection. Death is not to be feared. Life is not to be filled with the hope of this world as all things of this world will be destroyed. The only joy and peace a man can find are found in the God of hope who has promised eternal life to all those who believe in Him and abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. His word is true. He cannot lie. Hope in God and joy and peace will abound.

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1 Response to He Is The God Of Hope

  1. Barbara Barnes says:

    One of my favorite scriptures on hope; “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed. Because His compassions fail not, they are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness, the Lord is my portion, “says my soul, therefore I hope in Him.” Lamentations 3:22-24


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