The Folly Of The Southpaw

wisdom follyA wise man’s heart is at his right hand, but a fool’s heart at his left. (Ecclesiastes 10:2)

The Folly Of The Southpaw

Generally speaking, most people are right handed. Somewhere in the genetic gene of creation, the Lord fashioned man to work more diligently with his right hand. A symbol of authority describes one who sits at the right hand. Being on the right side is in contrast to being on the left side as Jesus described the scene of judgment. The sheep were blessed on the right side but the goats were condemned who stood on the left. Protection from God is symbolized by the might of the Lord’s right hand. In defense of all left-handed folk, during the period of the Judges in the tribe of Benjamin there where 700 left-handed soldiers who could sling a stone at a hair’s breadth and not miss. The application of the wisdom literature is only showing a spiritual lesson of how the Lord establishes truth and righteousness as the symbol of the right hand.

The wise man is showing a parable of truth when he shows the difference between the might of the right hand and the folly of the left. Wisdom is found in the pattern the Lord has established to give man strength. God’s word is given to instruct man in the ways of righteousness and it would be folly for him not to listen to the Creator. It is foolishness for a man to fight against the created power. Spiritually speaking, most men try to go through life left-handed when the power of their strength lies in the right hand. As in creation, the right hand of truth is the only place that man will find wisdom. Like a man who is right handed trying to live with his left hand, the failure of man to find strength with God is evident. It is without sense that man will try to fashion his life without the will of God. The right hand is more wise than the left.

To be a southpaw in the work of life is to reject the word of God and this is folly. Whether a man uses his right hand or left in the real world is not the point. The wise man is showing the failure of man to follow the power found in the word of God. Wisdom is in the right hand. Strength is in the right hand. When the final day of reckoning comes, everyone will be wishing to be on the right hand of God. The right hand of God is where the right things are and without the right hand of God, a person will be left to darkness. Left-handed people (spiritually speaking) try to save themselves by the feeble efforts of their own wisdom.

Right hand – left hand. Only two choices. Wisdom is on the right. Folly is on the left. God’s word versus the wisdom of man. Salvation on the right. Hopelessness on the left. Make certain you are on the right hand of God.

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