Truth Is Freedom

truth logo for blogThen Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31-32)

Truth Is Freedom

All men are created equal. Thomas Jefferson did not originate the idea. The foundation of freedom has always been established upon truth. What man has struggled with in understanding freedom is how he defines the word. What may be freedom to one person may not be freedom to another. Every nation is founded upon a form of freedom but the problem is a dictator will tell everyone how he wants him or her to live according to his terms – establishing freedom to his will. In other words, men have the freedom to do what they are told. The ideal of democratic freedom is the belief that everyone has a voice in establishing law. In truth, this kind of freedom is not the purest form because the voice of the majority can override the will of the minority. Freedom is then established by the masses and often can lead to laws of unrighteousness and immorality.

Jesus taught a truth that is beyond the frailty of man’s wisdom. Laws change over time as men change. The winds of moral consciousness fuel the desires of man to be free to act anyway he desires. The kind of truth Jesus spoke about was true freedom. This law was established before time began and is relevant to all men of all time. Freedom in Christ is the absolute purity of law where freedom can be defined by one God and one Lawgiver. The laws of man change. The law of God has always been the same for all men regarding his relationship with the Creator. Abraham served the Lord by faith and this body of truth still sets men free today when they follow the same law of faith. Moses worshipped the Father in love and devotion as men today can worship the Lord with the same devotion. David longed to live after the heart of God and all men can find the same peace in the truth of God.

There is no comparison to the message of the Bible with anything man creates. Truth is older than error as it resided in the mind of God before time and continues to this day until the Lord returns again. What guided the minds of men in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue is the same law that guide men today. Freedom from the tyranny of sin can only come from the truth Jesus spoke two thousand years ago. Freedom from fear, doubt, and uncertainty are dismissed in the book of truth. Hope is found in the words of freedom written by the disciples two millennia ago. Saul of Tarsus found freedom in Christ the same way we can find freedom in Christ today. Salvation has been given to man since the deception of Eve in the garden.

Knowing the truth will set men free. Freedom does not come from the will of man but the mind of God. What joys we may have in this country will be short lived because men grow more deceived. The joy of eternal freedom will never be taken away. Jesus died to let us live. He chained Himself to the sacrifice of the cross to make a way of freedom for all men. His life was in servitude so that men can be set free. Thank God for the freedom found in Christ and the truth that sets us free.

Human law has the true nature of law only in so far as it corresponds to right reason, and therefore is derived from the eternal law. (Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Iae-IIae, q. 93, 1272)

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