The Mama Bear

she bearLet a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs, rather than a fool in his folly. (Proverbs 17:12)

The Mama Bear

There is ‘humor’ in the Bible. Throughout Holy Writ the Holy Spirit has shown the wisdom of staying away from fools. They are a menace to themselves and to all around them. Folly brings about destruction because the mind is guided by a whim of the moment in the heat of passion that usually leads to disastrous ends. Fools make rash decisions. They are senseless in their discretion of what they say, what they do and how they act. A fool despises wisdom as useless discarding instruction as trivial. The path of a fool is littered with the carcasses of ill-advised decisions made to satisfy the glory of the moment. There is no hope for a fool. He does not believe in God.

In a humorous but clearly dangerous lesson there is more hope for a man meeting a mother bear who has lost her cubs than a man who in his own stupidity is a fool. Many a man has been killed who either on purpose or by accident comes between a she-bear and her precious cubs. The natural instinct of a bear is rage. They have no control over the animalistic nature to kill an intruder. God created the bear in this manner for the protection of the cubs. He also created man in His image so that the passions of man can be controlled and used for the glory of God. When man acts like a fool, he is a stupid animal. The image is vivid. Fools are more dangerous than a mama bear protecting her cubs.

Our daily task is to learn how to walk in wisdom so that we will not be fools. Guided by the word of God our lives are ordered with the knowledge of truth. Since faith comes from hearing the word of God, the more we spend time in the word of God the more we will gain wisdom to keep us from being fools. This is especially important for others to see Christ living in me and not wishing they had met a raging mother bear. A fool in his folly will never show the love of God to others and help them come to Christ. Wisdom from the Lord leaves an impression on others that will help them see the value of the wisdom that comes from above. The conclusion is simple: are there she-bears loose in our lives or are we following the word of God?

Wisdom rises upon the ruins of folly. (Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732)

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