Like A Tree


oak-treeAs you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. (Colossians 2:6-7)

Like A Tree

It was on the third day of creation the land was filled with the profusion of grass and trees. The sun, moon and stars had not been created and no animals filled the earth. Standing in the majestic beauty of the early creation God’s palette of Sequoia trees, Oaks, Maple and Cedars dotted the landscape among all the different types of trees. Adam and Eve would stand in marvelous wonder at the magnificence of the wisdom of God. Trees continue to stand as testimonies of the infinite power of the Creator’s design. Not only do they show the beauty of creation but they are part of the cycle of life that creates oxygen necessary for life on earth. They help maintain a healthy soil and purify the air. Trees help protect the environment and millions of animals thrive because of trees.

The illustration of trees was not lost on the apostle Paul. Using these great perennial plants Paul describes the life of a Christian in the same details. The tree must have a good root system and a well-established trunk. The supporting branches and leaves are a vital part of the growth of the tree. Essential to the life of a child of God these four elements make up the character of what God wants of His children.

ROOTED IN CHRIST. Without a good root system the tree will fall at the slightest wind. When I was a young child we had a hurricane come through Florida that left a lot of damage. A large tree was toppled over exposing a shallow root system. The tree was unable to withstand the fierce winds although the bulk of the tree was large. It was a surprise that such a tree could be toppled but it really only mattered what kind of rooting system it had. Satan is constantly attacking the Christian. Without being properly rooted in Christ danger lurks about. So often in the lives of seemingly strong Christians life is turned upside down because they lacked proper spiritual roots. A tree is first established by having a deep root system. The deeper the roots the more severe the storm can be resisted.

BUILT UP IN CHRIST. As the roots firmly plant the tree into the ground a solid stem or trunk is necessary for the stability of the tree. The strength of the tree is seen in its broad trunk built above a deep root system. Everything in our lives must be built upon Jesus Christ. What we think, how we dress, why we believe, who we trust, what we say and what we do is built upon the words of God. A good trunk system is a continual process that builds one layer upon another. The stronger the trunk the stronger the tree. What begins as a sapling is to grown into a mighty Oak or Redwood.

ESTABLISHED IN THE FAITH. One of the key elements of a tree is the branch system. This helps to establish the tree giving it balance, strength and protection. As our roots grow deep in Jesus Christ and our lives are firmly built up in Him we are to established every part of our character in the faith of God. The branches of the tree is the fruit of the stem. It is here the glory of the tree finds its calling. Reaching outward and upward branches bear testimony to the health of the tree. Our lives are to reach outward and upward with the word of God deeply rooted in our faith. The life of a Christian is established in the word of God. This is an everyday feeding on His will

ABOUNDING IN THE FAITH. With a proper root system building up a mighty trunk, the branches yield millions of leaves showing the blessings of God’s creation. The evergreen tree of life is what separates the child of God from the world. Planted by the rivers of water, their leaf brings forth its fruit in its season. The leaves will not wither and whatever we do will prosper. Abounding in our faith is the blessing of being in Christ. Having a delight for the law of God and meditating on the truth of His love the life of a Christian blossoms forth the joy of salvation.

A tree. An example of who we are. The forest of God’s grace is filled with the lives of those who root themselves deep in Christ, build themselves up in the most holy faith, and establish every particle of life in the word of God and abounding with joy in the fruit of the Spirit. Be a tree.

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