The Innocent Cry Of The Guilty

This is the way of an adulterous woman: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, “I have done no wickedness.” (Proverbs 30:20)

The Innocent Cry Of The Guilty

The nature of sin is realized in different ways. For some, transgressing God’s law brings shame and fear. Adam and Eve hid in fear because of sin and were ashamed. Cain had no fear or regrets about killing his brother. For most people, sin is a religious term that does not apply to them. The popularity of sin attests to the fact that most of the world is under the persuasion of the deceiver, who denies the guilt of sin. Agur points out in the proverb an adulterous woman engages in sexual immorality without any guilt or shame for what she does. This explains the nature of sin and why so many people have no guilt about the kind of lives they lead.

Satan has done well to blind the minds of sinful man to the reality of God’s omniscience. The omniscience of God is His all-knowing spirit that knows everything done by every person on the face of the planet – at the same time (which is part of his omnipotence). A woman can engage in sexual immorality in secret, but the man she is with knows, but most importantly, God knows. No darkness can keep things from the eyes of God. No place on earth exists where the Lord is not there. Men brag about reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, but God has been there since it was formed. The deepest part of the oceans is the dwelling place of God.

An adulterous woman forgets that God sees in secret. She may have escaped the detection of the world, but she (and he) can never escape the eyes of the Lord. Assuming the character of a good woman is a fantasy built upon hypocrisy. The world may see her as a beautiful debutante, sophisticated, and happy, but the Lord sees the blackness of her soul. Sin looks appealing. The lesson from Agur is the deceptive nature of sin. Satan has filled the world with souls bound for perdition who appear innocent and pure. Like the immoral woman, they wipe their mouths of sin and proclaim their innocence. “I have done no wickedness,” they chant. Their lies do not change the evidence of God’s knowledge.

There will be many shocked souls at the judgment bar of God when they hear the words of destruction. They will die believing they are innocent because no one found their guilt. Nothing they have done is wrong because they lived according to their desires with no guilt or shame. Sadly, the measure of sin is weighed in the divine balances of mercy, grace, and truth. Those who have failed to keep the will of the Father will find no favor on the last day. They may have fooled the world but can never fool the Lord. Let it be known. God sees and knows all. Every man will stand before the Lord God and Judge and give an account of all they have done in this body. Nothing will be left out. No one will claim innocence who is guilty when the judgment comes. All the guilty will know the power of God’s truth. He sees all, and He knows all.

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