Called According To His Purpose

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Called According To His Purpose

The grace of God is an unfathomable blessing of divine love to a creature that merits nothing worthy of salvation. There is a complete absence of worth for what man has done against God. Everything man needed was provided for him without measure, and he turned his back on God and screamed in the face of the Divine with his rebellious heart. The hatred and anger of humanity became so great they joyfully murdered an innocent man who went about doing good. Jesus was a man who lived for more than thirty years in sinless perfection. He was not a good man – He was a perfect man. Because of the nature of sin, His countrymen had Him murdered by the Romans. God watched His Son die and did the greatest act of love known to man – He did nothing.

Before the creation of the world, the Father knew what the Son must do. Throughout the history of time, God’s plan began to unfold in its eternal beauty. Jesus dying on the cross accomplished something that God desired and longed for. The Father wanted to call His children to Himself, so His children could show the world His grace. Jesus being murdered by His kinsmen was not a mistake but a divine plan. Through the death of Jesus, God would call the faithful to Him and give them a purpose in life. The joy of the early church was found in the hearts of the disciples who experienced the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. Those who came to the gospel of Christ found their calling and purpose.

A Christian is called by God to be special. Through the adoption in Christ, a sinner can be cleansed and set before the Father as holy. All those who hear the word of the gospel and believe its message find a need to change their lives. With penitent hearts, men will confess the need for the blood of Jesus Christ and do whatever the Lord tells them to do. In the waters of baptism alone will the blood of Jesus wash away sins, and the lost sinner will become a saint of God. The calling of grace is completed in the Christian. By grace is a man saved through the obedience of the gospel.

There are two things the Christian must never forget about the grace of God. A Christian is a called being created for a purpose. To be called by God is to know that salvation comes from Him alone. The Lord calls people to come to Him. Most people hear the call and refuse to obey. Those who hear the call and obey have been called to a purpose. It is not the design of eternal salvation to save a man, and that is all. Man was created for God’s glory, and the Christian was created to show the glory of God’s grace. Christians are called and purposed.

When Christians realize God calls them, a weight of thankfulness and responsibility should come over them. There is much to be thankful for in the grace of God. But that grace should not become empty. A Christian is called out, called up, and called to God’s grace to show the Divine’s glory in their lives. Each day is a purposed life to show their calling. A life without purpose is a wasted life. Living for God with an eternal purpose is a life filled with hope, joy, love, forgiveness, and grace. Christians are called to live before the world as purpose-driven souls who have been saved by the grace of God. Remember your calling. Find your purpose. You were called for a purpose.

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