I Need Help

Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (Romans 8:26)

I Need Help

Prayer is the privilege of approaching the Almighty God and Father and seeking petitions from His storehouse of blessings. It is impossible to receive anything from the Lord with an arrogant or prideful heart. Asking for forgiveness will not be granted if a man is unwilling to forgive another. Prayer requires faith. Persistence is the jewel of prayer. God has opened the door of His divine presence, allowing His creation’s feeble attempts to speak with Him. Prayer is an incredible avenue of grace because everyone needs the blessings of God.

The challenge of prayer is how to speak to someone so infinitely great. How does an atomic size creature stand in the presence of the one who can hold the universe (known and unknown) in the palm of His hand? The wisdom of God is so vast He knows how much water exists on earth and the amount of dust in the world. God knows the hearts of every living being on the planet – at the same time. Before the world was created, God was. By the power of the spoken word, the Lord God formed the world and all that is in it. God sent His only beloved Son to show His power through miracles: healing all disease, casting out demons, raising the dead, walking on water, and coming out of the grave after three days, never to die again. This is the God a man seeks to pray before and ask anything!

Prayer is simple, but it is complex. God has given man the promises of His divine word, and men seek to petition the Lord from these promises. Prayer is pleading the promises of God. The Father will not grant what He has not promised. As man prepares to pray, he stands before the throne of the Almighty and seeks to find words to express his heart. Prayer cannot be accomplished by the will of man alone. Through grace, God has afforded the Holy Spirit to intercede for the frailties of the human spirit. Prayer demonstrates that man cannot save himself and desperately needs help.

The Holy Spirit is given to all who obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. He dwells in the child of God through the Father’s love to help His children speak to Him. When a man seeks to pray to the Father, the Holy Spirit helps to guide and focus the petitions to the Heavenly Father. How the manifestation of prayer is conducted before the Father is beyond the mind of man. Prayer is a reminder of the human spirit’s need for and dependence upon the Divine. The Holy Spirit reminds man he needs help in talking to God.

Learning to pray is a vital part of the Christian experience. A deep and personal prayer life comes from years of experience of seeking the will of God through a study of the word and a trust in the manner God answers prayer. Using prayer as a vending machine in a time of need is not prayer. A constant presence of prayer in the heart draws a man closer to the Father and helps him enjoy a greater relationship with the Holy Spirit. Prayer shows a man his need for help in matters eternal. One of the great blessings of being a child of God is who our Father is. He gave His Son to die for us. And He also gave us the Holy Spirit to help us. What a three-fold blessing of being a child of God. I need help. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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