Learning About Jesus

But you have not so learned Christ. (Ephesians 4:20)

Learning About Jesus

Osmosis is the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of facts over time. There is little effort on the part of the individual to gain knowledge but rather a natural accumulation of information. Children learn to speak their native tongue by association with the family. Customs often are part of the fabric of life rooted in everyday life. Some things in life just come naturally. The knowledge of Jesus Christ does not come through passive effort or a process of familial osmosis just because one is brought up in the surroundings of the Bible. When children go to school, they learn through activity, effort, exercise, and study. Sitting in the school room will not give them the knowledge required to graduate. Those students who fail to apply knowledge will not be able to complete their education. This is understood in the public realm of seeking a higher education, but it seems many in the Lord’s church believe knowing Jesus comes simply by association.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The nature of a higher being can be learned through the agency of natural revelation, as seen in the creation, but it is impossible to learn about Jesus through nature. Creation testifies to the handiwork of the Divine. Revelation declares the story of Jesus through the written word. Examining the world through a microscope opens the revelations of God’s creative hand in forming a perfect world. Peering into the depths of space with all its grandeur will not testify to the existence of the Son of God. To know Jesus demands learning. Understanding who He is, where He came, why He emptied Himself, and how He will save can only come through the rigors of learning. The amount of effort will determine the level of knowledge. Learning about Jesus takes time – a lifetime. Understanding His character requires opening the Bible and plumbing the depths of the written word to see the grace of God’s Son. The less time spent learning about Jesus lessens the faith in the Son of God.

There will never be enough lifetimes to learn all there is to know about Jesus, but one life spent in devotion to a study of the life of Jesus will answer all the questions that trouble man. To know Jesus is to know the Book. Like all things worth seeking, hard work demands time spent studying God’s word to know everything about Jesus. God has blessed mankind with a written testimony of His mind to reveal to the world, Jesus Christ. There has never been a time in the history of man the word of God is so readily available through print and electronic revelation; yet, it seems to be the least-read message in the world. The Bible is the most prolific book published, but it will have little value if it is not read and studied. Paul reminded the saints at Ephesus they had learned Jesus and exhorted them to use that learning to renew the spirit of their minds. New men in Christ come from those who renew their hearts to read and study the life of Jesus and the story of Jesus. The Bible is the testimony of Jesus. Read it to be wise. Learn about Jesus. Don’t just read the words. Allow the life of Jesus to change your life. Learn.

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