Seek The Lord

Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord! Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face evermore! (Psalm 105:3-4)

Seek The Lord

God created man in His image to be near Him and to draw men to Him. As a loving Father, the Lord God longs to be with His creation and fill him with all the divine blessings of mercy, grace, and love. When God formed man from the dust of the ground, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Man was alone in the garden, and the Lord created the woman. Eden was a paradise with every need of Adam and Eve fully met and overflowing. Nothing was lacking. The seasons change the face of the earth with each passing year as the sun, moon, and stars dominate the heavens. Life is a cycle put in motion by the hand of God to give humanity all they need to be happy and find joy.

Through the grace of God, the Son of God came to earth to become a humble servant. Jesus lived as all men sharing in the fleshly body, experiencing all the trials and temptations of the carnal spirit. He brought healing to untold multitudes and instilled a spirit of devotion to those who would follow His Father. Unjustly, Jesus was rejected by the Jews and killed on a Roman cross. Jesus never sinned. He never failed in His relationship with His Father. Jesus finished the work God sent Him to do. Through the power of the resurrection, God promised that salvation would come to those who believed Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. Luke records the story of the acts of the apostles where thousands obeyed the gospel call of the resurrection message. After two thousand years, the same story and the message of hope are found in Jesus Christ.

The Son of God came to earth to open the way of salvation to all who would come. It is here that the real story of humanity begins. God has always provided a means of salvation, whether in the days of Noah, Abraham, Moses, or the prophets. Jesus came to open the doors of eternity to those who would accept His blood as the sacrifice of redemption. The Bible declares the whole counsel of God without reservation. What is lacking and why so many souls have not accepted God’s saving grace is they refuse to seek the Lord. God has provided everything a man needs to be saved, but without the heart of the man seeking the way of the Lord, there can be and will be no salvation.

Salvation does not come without seeking. The glory of the name of God is when hearts rejoice in seeking after His will—seeking after God means to search for Him and to seek to do His will. It is not a passive activity where God will come to man. It is man that must come to God. There is nothing left for God to do than what He has done. Truth and righteousness will only come to those who seek the Lord and His strength and seek the face of God. A spirit of longing moves the heart to seek after God. If a man is apart from God, it is man that has moved, not God. Seek the Lord and find the blessings of eternal life. Refuse to seek Him, and He will refuse you.

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