Exaltation Comes After Humility

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6-7)

Exaltation Comes After Humility

Pride is the harmful product of a heart that seeks to exalt itself above its Creator. The folly of pride is the ant who brags. What is man compared to the immensity of the Almighty God who created the universe? Humanity’s greatest accomplishment in the thousands of years of existence is microscopic at the atomic level to the majesty of God’s creation. When a man fills his heart with pride, he loses the greatest opportunity for true happiness and worth. All men seek to have worth in life. Children crave attention as a need to know they are of value. Life is measured by the accomplishments gained in the life experience. Trying to find the answers to what a man’s worth is apart from the will of God is foolish. Exaltation comes only when the man learns to humble himself.

The mighty hand of God is so immense and powerful, it cannot be fully understood; yet it is so tender that it can be embraced by the heart seeking peace. Nothing compares to the hand of God, whether in creation or in the divine wisdom revealed through His word. The Lord has never left the world without the knowledge of the love of God. From the beginning of time, the Lord has shown man the path of peace and prosperity in the covenant of His word. The reason misery has overshadowed the world is men change the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man. Ants fall down and worship themselves to the dismay of their Creator. Pride destroys their hearts. Peace never comes. Joy is lost. True exaltation will only be found when men humble themselves before God and obey Him.

Humility is viewed as a weakness. This is a favorite tool of Satan, convincing proud men to never bow down to anyone or anything. The irony is the devil knows full well the power of subjection because the power of God limits him, yet he convinces the creation of God to lift themselves in pride and arrogance to their destruction. There has never been joy in a proud heart. When a man humbles his heart to the power of the Lord in a willing subjection without question, he finds peace. Submitting to the will of Satan will destroy the soul because the devil does not care for men. He knows he is damned to Hell and he wants to take as many of God’s creation with him. Exalting self ends in destruction.

Learning to submit to the will of God brings praise and honor. Humility creates peace because through the joy of submission, all the worries and cares of life can be given to God. Only the Father cares for His children and will nourish and care for their needs. God loves His children. When a man submits himself to the word of God in obedience, he will be lifted up to the glories of the eternal by a God who loves him so much and cares for him. There is no greater exaltation than the joy found in the love of God. Humility is where true peace begins. Submission to the mighty hand of God trusts in the will of the Father as right and purposeful. Godliness is the measure of a heart guided by the word of righteousness and truth. If you want to know the joy of exaltation, submit to the will of God and He will lift you up – and how high that lifting up will be. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord.

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