PG-13 And The Heart

He has said in his heart, “God has forgotten; He hides His face; He will never see.” (Psalm 10:11)

PG-13 And The Heart

In 2021, Disney released the movie “Free Guy” by 20th Century Studios rated PG-13. A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game. It is a fantasy movie about a popular video game where one of the characters takes on “artificial life” characteristics with the storyline following his exploits. The movie is rated PG-13, where parents are strongly cautioned as inappropriate for children. Before 1984, the ratings went from PG to R without any distinctions. PG-13 was created to sell more movies without the serious impact of an R rating. However, there is a misguided notion that PG and PG-13 are suitable for anyone concerned for righteousness.

Free Guy (rated PG-13) has 29 scenes of sex/nudity in one form or another (tame compared to what would be found in an R movie). There are 119 instances of language throughout the movie: 32 vain references to deity; 17 words of crude language/humor; 1 ethnic/social slur; 27 words of cursing; 37 words of profanity; and 5 words of vulgarity. Without filtering software, the movie is laced with ungodly language throughout the movie – and it’s only a PG-13. Disney is not the wholesome family production it was known for. This is undoubtedly driven by the dollar. The world is becoming increasingly indulgent with the acceptance of immoral behavior as common. This is not a surprise as the world has been filled with the decadence of sinful behavior since Adam and Eve walked out of the garden.

It is sad that movies must fill their coffers with the indulgence of the immoral and acidic language of the world. Young people are drawn to movies like Free Guy, with many parents either unaware or not caring what their children hear. This movie is not the only example of the prolific saturation of what is found on the magical screens of television, computers, and smartphones. It is difficult to find entertainment that must not first be scrubbed with intense filters to allow viewing. There are times that the entertainment is still unworthy of watching with the filters.

What is more tragic is the abundance of Christians who engage in entertainment laced with language – especially the use of God’s name in vain – with no compulsion or regret. They argue that what they hear on the screen is no different than being in the world. That person is a fool who believes the lie that so easily pervades the consciousness of the body of Christ.

The psalmist makes an observation about the wicked. It is the wicked heart that believes that God is not watching, and He has closed His eyes. They mistakenly believe the Lord does not see and hear what is being played on the screen. What foolishness. How often does it take for God’s name to be vilified before the Lord gets angry? One of the hallmarks of the commandments of God has always been (before the Law of Moses) that His name will not be taken in vain. He will not let that person go unpunished. Do not be fooled to believe that as long as a person does not use God’s name in vain, they will not be held accountable. That is a foolish lie. The wicked pretend God does not listen – but He does.

There has never been a time that sin has not dominated the world. The world has been under the sway of unrighteous language since the garden. God does not intend for His people to leave the world but to learn to live in the world. There are choices that can be made and must be made. Walking through Walmart and hearing foul language may not be controlled, but what we choose to watch is entirely under our control. The fool will not make a distinction. Godly hearts will make a choice and make a decision. God will not forget; He will not hide His face and He will not close His eyes.

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