Confident Of Better Things

But, beloved, we are confident of better things concerning you, yes, things that accompany salvation, though we speak in this manner. (Hebrews 6:9)

Confident Of Better Things.

The Hebrew letter is a difficult and challenging book. Persecution had imposed a heavy toll on the early Christians, with some giving up their faith in Christ. Comparing the covenant of Christ with the Law of Moses, the writer advocates the better faith is in Christ Jesus. There is a dire warning for those who would turn aside from the holy commandment of renewing them again to repentance. This was a serious problem. With all the warnings and cautions, a note of hope and encouragement rang through the message. There were dangers in the church of apostasy but the writer had confidence in his audience they would not give up their faith, remaining faithful to the end as they sought their eternal homeland.

Exhortation is an important part of the Christian life. When hearts are filled with discouragement and despair, a word of hope can make a difference. With all the Hebrew Christians faced, the writer wants them to know his utmost confidence they would do the right thing. People need to hear that kind of message. For all the problems in the church and the challenges that are endured daily, the people of God must know they can overcome any trial of life. It is hard to accept that some who named Jesus as Lord could turn away and lose their soul but it was a real possibility. The apostasy could be so permanent nothing could bring them back. This is harsh language and difficult to accept. As the writer follows up this sharp discourse, he reminds the Hebrews of his confidence in their faith. He knows they will not be overcome by doubts. His belief is strong in their faith.

Not only are the Hebrews told they would remain faithful, but the writer also tells them he believes they are meant for better and greater things in the kingdom. It is one thing to be told you will face obstacles with courage and faith, but extending that hope to so much more that is possible is invigorating. These Hebrews were placed in the kingdom of God for such a time to excel, abound, extend their influence, and grow in their faith. They needed to know they were special. Their faith was not wasted. God was aware of their work and labor of love. He knew the trials they faced and commended them for remaining faithful. The Hebrews ministered to the saints and were filled with good works towards others. And they could do more.

There is a lot of work to be done in the kingdom of God and saints need to be encouraged to excel in their talents beyond what they are doing. They need the confidence others have in them to be purposed for greater things. There is always a better work that everyone can contribute to the work of the Lord. Often, a little word of encouragement is all that is needed. Even if no one tells you they see better things in you, know that God has that desire for you to excel more and more and grow in His grace. There is always so much more that can be done if we but try. God sees the work of His saints and knows their labor. His desire is for the kingdom of His Son to be filled with encouraging hearts longing to do more to bring lost souls to salvation. God is confident of better things concerning you.

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