No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)


A pledge of allegiance is a promise of loyalty to a particular cause. The commitment of allegiance is vowed that everything will be focused on a single factor without exception. When a person joins the military, they take an oath to honor the commitment to serve that branch of service with complete devotion. If that allegiance is not held up, the individual could face discharge. In the Roman army, complete devotion was required. When the New Testament writers wrote about allegiance, they borrowed from the language of the military. Jesus told His disciples service to God required complete, unequivocal and undeniable devotion.

The problem with man is he believes he can multi-task between God and the desires of the flesh. God has not only demanded first place, He is a jealous God who will not allow anything to come between Him and the service of men. The character of the human heart is a single devotion. If a man loves the things of the world, he will not love God fully. The idea that Satan plants in the mind is to love the Lord a little but not to become so enamored with Him that the heart can see nothing else but God. Many people mistake believing the devil tempts men to deny God. On the contrary, the devil is willing for men to accept a totem of God in their own choosing but not to commit fully to the will of the Father. That way, they can say they love the Lord and continue to live carnal lives.

Jesus describes the conflict of heart when men seek to serve God. It becomes a matter of all or nothing. There is no fence-sitting in the kingdom of heaven. Dual memberships are not allowed in the kingdom of God. Trying to keep one foot firmly planted in the world and a toe in the body of Christ accomplishes nothing. Jesus reminded His disciples that where the treasure of the heart resides is where the values of life are found. There is no exception. If a man seeks the fame and glory of the world, he will never find eternal reward. Seeking after the pleasures of the flesh will drive a heart far away from the love of God. The heart’s allegiance must be entirely in favor of God and Him alone or there is no reward.

It is hard to keep allegiance with God with the world’s temptations so alluring. There is a desire to be like the world but this will be in conflict with the will of the Lord. Trying to serve the mastery of the flesh and subduing the flesh in the body of Christ cannot be done. It is impossible for a man to serve two masters. The reason is simple: the heart can only focus on one love. If a man loves the world, that is his god. When the heart rises above the desires of the flesh and seeks to love God, it demands a complete devotion of love. Serving God requires hating the things of the world in favor of His will. Loyalty will be determined by where the heart resides. A divided loyalty is no loyalty. Divided loves are exercises in infidelity. Jesus boldly proclaims the eternal truth that will judge men: it is impossible to serve God and mammon.

What the church of God needs more than anything are hearts devoted to the cause of Christ. The soul of man must be committed to serving the Father’s will with complete allegiance. There can be nothing that will come before the will of God. He is first or no place at all. Nothing will take away the commitment a person has to serve the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and body. What God desires comes first. The other key of allegiance is that it happens daily. Serving God once a week or whenever the desires come will not show allegiance. Living the Christian life demands seven days a week showing the world that God is first in their life. No man can serve two masters and it is impossible to serve God without an allegiance of complete devotion. Who are you devoted to and who do you serve? God knows. Do you know God?

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