The Forgiveness Of God

I have blotted out, like a thick cloud, your transgressions, and like a cloud, your sins. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you. (Isaiah 44:22)

The Forgiveness Of God

Forgiveness is the greatest blessing God has given men. It cost the Son of God His life to grant the grace of a forgiving and kind God. All men deserve the wrath of God. There is nothing that man has done to deserve the mercy of the Father. The death of Jesus was not accomplished by civil men who wanted to fulfill the word of God. Jesus was killed by an angry mob of Jews that hated Him so much they could not be satisfied until He was dead. Their hypocrisy was further seen when they begged Pilate to break the legs of Jesus to hasten death because the next day was a high Sabbath day. Jesus was in the tomb while the Jewish leaders went about their worship of the Lord God whose Son they had just killed. Forgiveness came at an eternal cost.

The conditions for forgiveness changed when Jesus died on the cross but the nature of forgiveness has never changed. Isaiah wrote about the love of God for Israel when he shares the word of the Lord for His people. God promised to sweep away the sins of the people like a cloud. God did not forget Israel and although they brought the wrath of God upon them, He remained faithful to them promising redemption. For all the things Israel had done, the Lord promised to wipe away their sins, blotting them out like a thick cloud. What more can anyone ask than the mercy and grace of a loving Father to accept back a rebellious child as God promises to those who seek Him.

Forgiveness will only be given to those who come to the Lord. There is no sin a man commits that God will not forgive when he – with a humble heart – returns to the Lord seeking forgiveness. This is the greatest of blessings. David and Bathsheba committed adultery and were judged guilty by the Law of Moses. Under the Law, David and Bathsheba were to be killed for infidelity. David caused Uriah to become drunk and then murdered him by the hand of Joab. When Nathan came to David to unveil his sins, he told the king that the Lord put away his sin and that he and Bathsheba would not die. David certainly feared the consequences of his actions, yet David found grace in the eyes of the Lord and by God’s mercy, David and Bathsheba were forgiven.

The immeasurable grace of God to take away sin is beyond comprehension. God is willing to blot out, like a thick cloud, the sins of His children. The price of forgiveness is measured by the price paid to make atonement. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can take away sin and what a high price was paid. Forgiveness is an emotion that should fill the heart of those who receive the grace of God with thanksgiving unending. How can one day pass without a grateful heart that God forgives like a dark cloud? The heart must sing daily the praise of “I am redeemed.” Sin is such a heavy burden to bear and often overwhelming with despair and doubt. God comes to His child and, while embracing them, reminds them of His love when He says, “I forgive.” Praise God for His love. Forgive me, Father. Thank you.

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