Pondering The Deeds Of God

The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. (Psalm 111:2)

Pondering The Deeds Of God

There is little doubt the universe is a wonder to behold. The night sky is filled with so many stars, human wisdom can’t count them. With all the technology and advancement of science, no computer can calculate the numerical tally of the heavenly hosts with precise clarity. This knowledge is hampered by the reality that much more lies beyond when a man reaches the limits of space. The oceans teem with life that still reveals secrets never known the man. It is hard to believe that 80% of the earth’s oceans have yet to be explored and mapped by humankind. Every year, new species of aquatic life are found. The world abounds with new discoveries and places on earth that are unknown, both terrestrial and subterrestrial. Science continues to open doors never imagined by human wisdom before. The study of DNA has changed the face of medical science, including the field of forensic science. Medicines have evolved to complex treatments of targeted cancers and diseases, helping to save countless lives.

Looking at all the incredible wonders of the world, a man can fill his mind with such knowledge that it is too vast for him to comprehend. The mistake in human wisdom is to attribute such knowledge to an evolutionary series of millennial mistakes forming a union of design to create life. The world is a science lab of divine discovery for the man who believes in an eternal God. One thousand years before Christ, the psalmist sees the world as the work of God, and he takes pleasure in peering into the unfolding elements of his universe. He sees the hand of God in everything. The world shows the glory of the Creator. Through the word of God, the psalmist understands the power of the Divine works. The knowledge of God assures the psalmist that all the Lord does is just and good, and all the commands of God are trustworthy.

The awe of the psalmist comes from examining the works of God. He is astounded by the creative majesty of the universe and the incredible wisdom of the word of God. His life is spent studying the world and spending countless hours meditating on the will of the Father. There is nothing he ponders he cannot find from his search of the mind of God. He learns where he came from, why he walks on the earth, and what lies on the other side of the river of death. All of his questions are answered in his faith in the Divine, and he is humbled by such knowledge. The focus of his life is directed by one cause, and that is God.

Knowledge is given to all men to come to know the Lord and to find redemption in the Son of God. The Bible is the mind of God revealed to all men so that no one will be found lacking. Creation declares the glory of God, and the word of God determines the counsel of God. Both are necessary to understand the life that now is and that which is to come. Human wisdom will always fail, but God’s word endures. It took the psalmist only 162 words to declare the simple truth of God’s works and the wonder of His hands for generations. His words remain, and the truth of God’s faithfulness and justice continues. There is reason to praise the Lord, and the psalmist does so with his full heart in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation. Look around you. Praise God.

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