Rejecting God

He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me. (Luke 10:16)

Rejecting God

The gospel of two is very clear: either a man believes in the word God, or he does not believe. Eternal consequences come with the decision a man makes whether to accept the word of God as truth or to call it a fable, myth, or a cleverly devised scheme of men. Everything hinges upon accepting God as real or that He was created by the delusions of human wisdom. The majority of humanity rejects the story of Jesus because it is too fanciful for human understanding. Few believe the Bible to be authoritative. Among so-called Bible believers are found those who deny the miracles of the Bible, the ancient stories of scripture, and the teachings of Jesus. Reading the Bible becomes a flea market exercise of selecting which parts are appealing while rejecting anything contrary to modern philosophy and lifestyle. Piecemealing the word of God is the standard means of explaining the Bible. The conclusion is the many ways men reject God.

Jesus plainly taught to reject Him was to reject the Father. One cannot be dismissed without the rejection of the other. Whatever Jesus taught came from the Father. Accepting the teachings of Jesus meant the listener accepted the word of God as truth. All that Jesus said and did was in keeping with the will of the Father. The danger for the souls of men came from those who challenged the teachings of Jesus, denied the miracles of Jesus, and refused to submit to the teachings of Jesus. In so doing, they questioned God, denied God, and refused to submit to God. There is no fine line between the two. Rejecting Jesus had consequences of eternal damnation. This rejection went much further than the relationship between Jesus and God.

The Lord appointed seventy men to go out two by two into every city and place where He Himself was about to go, teaching, preaching, and showing the power of God. The Lord warned the seventy that many would reject them and not receive them. Jesus highlighted the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum as problem areas in the ministry of the seventy. What the Lord wanted the seventy to understand is that when men rejected them, they rejected Jesus and by rejecting Jesus, rejected God. That is the pattern of divine authority. When a man preaches the word of God and the multitudes reject the teaching, they reject Jesus and reject God. It is necessary for those who teach the gospel to know rejection comes from hearts refusing to submit to God. If a man teaches the necessity of water baptism and refuses to obey, they have rejected the gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Father. Woe to them on the final day.

The requirement of preaching the truth is to proclaim only what is written by the finger of God. Anything more is blasphemy, and anything less is blasphemy. The word of God is settled in heaven, and the whims of men will not change it. Responsible upon every man is to teach the word of God as it is written. If a man rejects the word, they reject God. It is a serious matter to follow God’s word and teach what is written as truth. Anything less is to reject God. Failing to believe what is written is rejecting God. Rejecting God will end in the rejection of the divine judge when eternity opens its wide doors as all men are separated like sheep and goats.

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