Rejoice – The Sun Rose Today

For He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. (Matthew 5:45)

Rejoice – The Sun Rose Today

Sunrise this morning came at 6:21 am. It is a cool morning with a Fall temperature of 60 degrees. As the morning rays began to filter through the dense woods, a rafter of turkeys sprinted towards the south field where corn was freshly dispersed pecking feverously for each succulent morsel. From a clearing beyond the tree line, two young deer bounded toward the corn scattering the feeding turkeys with their playful antics. As squirrels scampered around and the mist of morning settled thickly upon the ground, deer and turkey quietly grazed and pecked around the field unconcerned but for a moment’s alert attention to any danger that lay lurking beyond their sight. The morning slowly grows brighter as the sun eases itself above the horizon and tree line. Clouds fill the sky. Birds fly across the blue canopy with ease and grace. The world has awakened to a new day and everything seemed peaceful.

In contrast to the beginning of a beautiful day, humans are frantically preparing for the day. There is great consternation over the election of the night before that remains unsettled. Fear grips the hearts of the nation as one man or another will succeed in gaining the victory. Panic fills the minds of the masses who await the answer that will change the course of history forever – or at least that is what they are led to believe. It seems the events of the night before have brought about anxiety, worry, apprehension, and dread. Lost in the meat grinder of human foolishness is the reality that another day has begun, the sun has risen and the animals scurry about as they do each day and without a care in the world.

Human beings are a funny sort of creature. The birds do not plant or harvest or store food in barns, but God takes care of them. You don’t find worry lines on the brow of a bird. As a higher creation, human beings spend most of their life worrying about things they cannot change and trying to change things they cannot understand. The birds don’t worry because they know their Creator is in charge. Men worry because they forget who their Creator is. The sun rising each morning declares that God is still in charge and the world will continue according to the divine will. All of the affairs of men seem important for the moment but will fade to the memories of yesterday.

The sun does not rise again from the day before and will not rise again until the prescribed time of the next day. What happened yesterday is forever sealed in the capsule of time and unchangeable. Worrying about the sun rising tomorrow is futile as there is no promise of a new day. The sun rises only today and begins the day showing the glory of God. It is not dependent upon the fragile affairs of men. Electing a President does not change the rotation of the heavenly bodies. Animals are unconcerned about the events of a newscast or predictions of human affairs. Children of God learn from the birds of the air and the lilies of the field there is nothing to worry about. If God takes care of the birds and clothes the grass of the field, why should any man fear what the day will bring if God cares for him more than birds and grass? Take a moment and thank the Lord for a new day, a new sun, and a new opportunity to trust God more. Today is a beautiful day.

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