No Man Like Jesus

No Man Ever Spoke Like This Man

Then the officers came to the chief priests and Pharisees, who said to them, “Why have you not brought Him?” The officers answered, “No man ever spoke like this Man!” (John 7:45-46)

No Man Like Jesus

The popularity of Jesus was waning and He was coming under greater scrutiny by the Jewish hierarchy. Many of the disciples had turned and walked with Jesus no more. They saw the miracle of the five thousand fed with five loaves and two fishes but when Jesus expounded on the meaning of the bread of life which came down from heaven, the people were offended. It confounded the Jewish leaders that a man from Nazareth, the son of a carpenter and an unknown among scholars was so eloquent and forceful in His teachings. Many of the people believed in Jesus and declared that no other man could have done the miracles as Jesus had shown His power and this proved Him to be the coming Christ. This caused a great deal of concern among the Pharisees who along with the chief priests sent officers to take Jesus. Some of the people wanted to arrest Jesus but no one laid hands on Him.

Returning to the chief priests and Pharisees empty-handed, the temple guards acknowledged they could not arrest Jesus. The Jewish leaders were angered by the inability of the officers to carry out their duty and asked why they had not brought Jesus. Their only reply was that they had never heard a man speak like Jesus. The guards went with the full authority of the Sanhedrin to arrest Jesus as they had done with many other people. Finding Jesus in the temple, the guards listened to the boldness of His teaching. Even the people were amazed at the teaching of Jesus and how the temple rulers had not stopped Jesus. They sought to take Jesus but no one laid a hand on Him because His hour had not yet come.

The officers answered, “No man ever spoke like this man.” Their impression of Jesus was open, honest and their hearts were impacted by the manner of His discourse. It is sad that not long after these events Jesus would be delivered up and killed. The Pharisees were so blind they charged the temple guards with being deceived by Jesus and the religious leaders cursed their own people. Nothing is clearer in the hearts of the religious leaders than the hypocrisy to deny the teaching of Jesus Christ for their own doctrines and commandments. Even when Nicodemus spoke up and charged his fellow rulers with condemning Jesus before hearing Him, the Pharisees rebuked him. If they had inquired of Jesus of His birth, they would have learned that while He grew up in Galilee, his birthplace was the promised city of prophecy where the Christ would be born. Their rejection of Jesus was to reject what He said.

No man ever spoke like Jesus and His word continues today. The Bible is the fullness of the word of Jesus Christ. When Moses penned the first five books of scripture he wrote about Jesus. All of the writers through the ages spoke about Christ until the final pen was laid to rest as John completed the Revelation. All things that pertain to life and godliness are contained in the message of Jesus Christ and there is no message on the earth that is as powerful as the word of Jesus. Things change and generations come and go but the word of Jesus remains the same. Many are like the Pharisees who charge Jesus as a fraud when they have never taken the time to learn what He taught, who He said He was and how He showed Himself to be the Son of God. Reading the word of God will change your life because no man ever spoke like this man – Jesus.

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  1. Chuck 022 P P says:

    Yes indeed Jesus is the answer for all of our problems he is the fulfillment of all prophecy in the bible. Jesu s is all the world of to me my life my joy my all he is my strength from day to day with out him I would fall etc.

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