Having A Mind Like Jesus

have a mind like Christ

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2:5)

Having A Mind Like Jesus

Arthur Fletcher said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” There is no greater waste of something when it is not used for the original intent of its design. The mind was created by God to allow a man to rise above animals as an image of the expression of the divine for the intended purpose of the creation giving glory to the Creator. What makes a man a rational being enables him to be aware of the world to think and feel with consciousness and thought so that he can direct his life towards his eternal destiny. The greater good of the mind of man is for worship. What has destroyed the character of the man is when every intent of the thoughts of his heart is only evil continually. Sin invaded the mind to corrupt the relationship of created man with his divine provider.

When Jesus came to earth, He did not come to rid the world of war, poverty, sickness or death. His work was to give His creation a means to redeem themselves to the grace of His Father. The sacrifice of Jesus on a cross was emblematic of the divine love that God wanted to impress upon the mind of all men of how much He loved and cared for them. In response to this love, those who would embrace the will of the Father would have a change of heart and thus recreate their minds to achieve a higher experience of relationship with his place in eternity. Salvation would not come from an outward form of obedience alone but an inward change of heart that would continually drive the soul of man to the throne of God.

Paul exhorted the saints at Philippi to have a mind like Jesus Christ. The apostle was exhorting his readers to remember their eternal nature and to dwell together in unity, peace, and love. Human experiences often involve strife and conflict. Having a mind like Jesus would show sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. Humility is the prime motivation of a mind like Jesus because of the example of the Son of God to leave the eternal and dwell among the mortal. As a follower of Christ, the disciple is continually creating his mind to be in the image of the Son of God. This is in contrast to a world that seeks to enslave the mind with the carnal nature of man.

Having a mind like Christ is utilizing the mind in the proper fashion as created by God. A mind like Christ worships the Divine. Infusing the word of God into the mind is where faith grows. Worship is filling the mind with the glory of God and the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is the conduit of grace allowing a man to lift his mind to the throne of God. Singing with a melody in the heart fills the mind with the rose petals of the heavenly chorus. Having a forgiving spirit will only come from a mind that is like Christ. Jesus left the ultimate example of what a mind should be. Have a mind like Christ. The joy of the mind of Christ is the day when the eye shall behold Him face to face and what the mind will see at that moment is beyond description.

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