What Will Jesus Tell His Father?


Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 10:32-33)

What Will Jesus Tell His Father?

When Jesus called the twelve disciples to Him giving them power over unclean spirits and the power to heal all kinds of sickness and disease, He commanded them to preach the kingdom of heaven to the people of Israel alone. There would be persecutions along the way as they faced resistance to the message of the Lord but they were to stay strong and know that the heavenly Father would give them the courage to stand for truth. Jesus assured them the Father would care for them and provide for them if only they would remain faithful in the work of sharing the good news with the multitudes. His message would bring division among families as a man against his father, a daughter against a mother and a man’s enemies would be those of his own household. This would make the work of teaching the will of the Father challenging to keep the faith in the face of such difficulty. Those who remained faithful would find eternal life in bearing the cross of the message of God. Further, Jesus does not leave the twelve without the confidence that if they would confess the name of Christ before men; He would do the same before His Father who is in heaven. The horizontal and vertical relationship of men and God is sealed in the knowledge that when men profess the name of Christ in the presence of men, the Son of God will personally take the name of the disciple and confess that name before the face of the heavenly Father. It is clear that God knows all men and is aware of the actions of all of humanity but Jesus is taking that knowledge much further. He promises to confess the person before the Father as a person of courage, faith, and fidelity. The Son of God makes a declaration when a servant of God shares the word of truth with others, possibly facing persecution from the world or family and yet remains courageous to speak the truth in love, He will personally speak to the Father the name of that individual as a person of faith. Jesus Christ will confess the name of the one who is faithful. Heaven resounds with the name of the disciple of Christ who proclaims the word of God because Jesus confesses him to the Father.

It is easy for men to drawback in the face of persecution because of fear, embarrassment, shame and a host of reasons that fill the mind for drawing back. The twelve were going to face some harsh conditions when they preached the kingdom of heaven among the Jews. There would be cities that would reject the apostles and cast them out. Councils of men would cast their vote against them delivering up the servants of God for scourging. Families will deliver up their own sons and daughters to be put to death and children against parents. Preaching the gospel of Christ will not be an easy task. Because of the courageous stand for truth in the heart of the disciple of Jesus Christ, he or she will be hated by all. It is not easy to live in a world that hates and despises those who teach the word of God. Enduring to the end is the full reward and the promises of Jesus Christ to confess the name of the faithful before the Father. The truth will not change or diminish if a person fails to defend the cause of Christ but what is lost is the voice of the Son of God declaring that name before the Father. A warning is given by Jesus that if a man draws back in fear denying the word of the Lord, He will also deny that man before the Father. There can be no exception. Either a man will stand for truth or fall for error. Those who are willing to face persecution or ridicule may receive harsh treatment in life but the name of the faithful soldier of Christ will remain on the lips of the Father. Choosing to deny Christ will bring about the wrath of God as the Son denies the name of the individual before the Father. Men should not fear what other men can do to them because all they can do is harm the body. Rather, men must fear the one who has the power to destroy both body and soul for denying the name of Christ.

The world is filled with the smallest of animals and God knows every sparrow that flies in the heavens. He has such knowledge as Creator; the Father literally knows the number of hairs that are on the head of every person on earth and those who have regal heads without. This knowledge is so vast and overwhelming that Jesus reminds the disciples the Father is not unaware of the trials faced by those who have the courage to speak the word of truth. God knows the heart of the disciple who faces trials and temptations. He sees clearly the rejection of family, friends, associates, and other disciples that weigh heavy on the spirit of the child of God. Jesus reassures the disciple that if he will confess His name before men then the Son of God will confess that name before the heavenly Father. It goes without saying the word of Jesus speaking the name of the faithful before the Father carries eternal weight. This world is not a home for the weary traveler as a city without foundation awaits the dwelling of the faithful who will confess the name of Christ before others and hearing the echoes of heaven sound the voice of Jesus confessing that name before the Father. God knows the name of all men but how many of those names pass the lips of the Son of God as He confesses before His Father a name. Is that name your name? What is Jesus telling the Father about you? Eternity depends on it.

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