What God Joins Together

TFH Pentacost

Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. (Matthew 19:6)

What God Joins Together

When the world was created, it was a time of incredible power as the Creator spoke the world into existence establishing the land, seas, sky and infinite universe of stars, suns, and moons. The word of the Lord formed everything setting the created world in perfect order. Finishing His handiwork, God saw that everything was good. All things continue as they were from the beginning. On the fourth day the sun, moon and stars were placed in the sky and today those same heavenly bodies embrace the heavens as sure as the day they were created. The earth is covered by 71% water with a total volume of all the water equal to about 332.5 million cubic miles and yet it remains constant in its place. On the second day of creation, the Lord divided the firmament in the midst of the waters. The third day the waters under the heavens were gathered together into one place and the dry land appeared. Earth and seas have remained in their place by the power of God because the Creator separated the two in the creative plan to remain in their place. On the final day of creation, a compassionate God saw his creation of man was lonely and would not be able to function by himself so He took a rib from Adam and created the woman. Bringing her to the man Adam recognized the union that he would share with Eve as bone of bone and flesh of flesh and they two would be joined as one. What God had brought together was a beautiful creation established for the joy and prosperity of the divine power of the Creator. All things remained as God intended until the serpent deceived the woman to believe a lie and sin came into the world.

The penalty of sin was grievous and God had to separate Himself from man. Driving him from the garden, the Lord chose to forbid man from the garden and tree of life. His will remained that man and woman be joined together but in time the wickedness of sinful man changed the glory of God into the corruptible nature of the flesh and the union of one man with one woman degraded into debauchery, sexual immorality and destruction of marriage. A flood would temporarily stay the course of evil in the world but soon men returned to profane the holy nature of the marital institution. The hardness of the hearts of the Hebrews would allow for changes in the divine pattern of the Lord but the Son of God came among men declaring that from the beginning God wanted a man to remain with the woman for life. Over the centuries the laws of men had allowed for divorce and remarriage for every reason under the heavens. Among the Jews, there were allowances that profaned the word of God. Jesus reminded men of the sanctity of God’s law that what His Father had joined together should not be separated. What men did not realize is that changing the law in the eyes of men did not change the law in the mind of God. What God joined together was still joined. In creation, the Creator separated land and sea and earth and sky and while man has to power to temporarily overcome those powers ultimately it remains as God created. Marriage is the same way. All the laws of the land can change the definition of marriage and redefine divorce in ways that suit men but what God has joined together will not be put asunder by a man.

The principle Jesus is reminding the Jewish leaders of the day is that God’s laws are immutable. They will not change for the whims of carnal desire. If God intends the land and sea to be separated they will remain so until He changes creation. The law of marriage is from the beginning. It defines marriage as a man and a woman and the will of God is that marriage is for life. What God has joined together no man should seek to change. The joining is brought about in the mind of God and any releasing of that union can only come from the mind of God. A court of law can annul or declare a marriage ended but unless the Lord God Himself accepts the precepts of the action it does not exist. The word of God is clear and true and unchanging in its nature. Long are the arguments to declare marriage to be anything but what God intended from the beginning. Acceptance to the will of Jesus Christ demands an acceptance of the law of marriage without any deviation. What God has joined together remains together until He decides to bring about a change in that union.

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