He Died In Honor


Thus David the son of Jesse reigned over all Israel. And the period that he reigned over Israel was forty years; seven years he reigned in Hebron, and thirty-three years he reigned in Jerusalem. So he died in a good old age, full of days and riches and honor; and Solomon his son reigned in his place. (1 Chronicles 29:26-28)

He Died In Honor

David the son of Jesse is one of the most influential men of the Bible. As a shepherd boy, he changed the face of a nation when he stood before the Philistine giant and gave victory to the people of God. He would be chosen above all men to take the place of Saul as king of Israel and reign forty years as a noble and good king. His writings remain among the most treasured of scripture and his courage as the hallmark of ageless warriors of God who fight against the wiles of the devil. David was a frail man in spirit as evident with his sin with Bathsheba but in the darkness of his failure, he arose as a man of faith who accepted the chastisement of the Lord and honored the favor of forgiveness. His legacy would be highlighted by the lineage that would bring Christ into the world to save all men. Jesus would sit upon the spiritual throne of David to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Few men attain the prominence of character, faith, resolve and complete devotion to God as David but he does not walk alone. There are many unnamed men and women who follow in the steps of the shepherd boy who believe that Jehovah God is their shepherd, protector, and provider. Like David, they stand in the valley of Elah and face insurmountable odds and through the courage to trust in the power of God gain the victory. The life of David is an examination of the nature of sin and how easily the king of Israel was persuaded to commit adultery, deceit, and murder. When Nathan came to David he did not deny his culpability but like a man of God confessed his sin with deep remorse. His life would be forever changed by his sin but he remained a faithful man of God who looked for a city without foundation whose builder and maker was God. There are many books written of the son of Jesse filled with applications, lessons, and truths all men face. The Holy Spirit finishes the story of His servant by a simple declaration that David died at a good old age, full of days and riches and honor.

Accolades have a lot to say about the manner of life a person leaves for others to follow. Not everyone is able to attain a good old age and to live those days as fully as David. He had many tales to share with his life as a shepherd, warrior, husband, father, and leader of the nation of God.  Many of his life lessons were notable while some were not so honorable. He was able to attain some wealth in life. Earthly riches are not evil but the desire to trust in them is what destroys the soul of man. David understood the fleeting value of material things. By the grace of God he lived a long life and died full of days. One thing that is said of David that is above all others is that he died in honor and with honor. The name of David is held throughout the generations of men as a name filled with the integrity of a godly man. Many sons are named after the king of Israel because it represents a name of veracity and righteousness. Riches were a blessing but they were left to others. Living a long life full of days is the desire of all men but this also will pass into the shadows of death. Honor is something that lives on with the name of the man spoken for generations. David was a man who lived with honor and died with honor. The single element of his character was the trust he had for his name. Whenever the name of David is spoken it will always be associated with great feats of courage, battles of faith, failures of the flesh, a broken spirit over sin and an undying trust in the mercy and grace of God. The riches of David have disappeared and the bones of his earthly tabernacle have vanished in the dust of time but the honor of his name and his character live on.

Man can be a proud creature. He can strive for all the glories of life to be accepted by men as valuable, influential and historical. Sadly he will waste his life attaining all the things that at the end of life are dust covered, rusting and fading into past memories that no one remembers. The one thing he should have kept as the most important is to die with honor. Not the honor of men who will soon forget but the honor of being a man of God who trusted in the Lord loved the mercy of God and served the only true King. Death is the final separator of man’s dreams and his realities. Most men live long lives full of their dreams to be remembered by other men dying with a moment’s folly of vanishing recognition. Soon forgotten through the annals of time the futile lives of great men fade to nothing but names on a register or placed on marble in fields of green. David died with honor before the Lord God and his name is inscribed in the book of life. There is nothing man can do about death as it will come to all men. Some will live long lives. Many will say they lived full lives. A minority will die wealthy men full of riches. Few men die with the honor of a holy God who saw in their lives His love. David left an example for all men to serve God and Him alone so that in death honor will be given by the voice of the Almighty who declares, “Good and faithful servant. Enter in.” How you die is how you live. Seek the honor of the Lord God and He will bless you with an eternal home: everlasting honor singing praises around His throne.

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