If There Is One God There Is One Church


There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

If There Is One God There Is One Church

In the fractured religious world of Christianity, there is at least one common denominator shared by all denominations. For the most part, Protestant churches believe there is one God. Various religions of the world claim to be polytheistic denying the claim of the one God or one Creator but by in large those under the umbrella of a system of faith in Jesus Christ accept the teaching of monotheism. What is contrary to the acceptance of one God is the denial that one God would have one church. The reasoning is that there is unity in diversity where all men can worship the one God in the fashion they choose and desire. In every church of the land, the belief is held firmly in a loving God full of grace and mercy but to suggest this same Lord has one church flies in the face of conventional wisdom and acceptance among different faiths. Since the days of Martin Luther who successfully began the break away from the apostate church of Roman Catholicism, Christianity has been a multi-divided group of believers in Christ that is not united in name, belief, practice and teachings and yet gladly proclaim the division among followers of Christ is acceptable by the one God they worship. All of this is contrary to the doctrine of Christ.

Paul’s letter to Ephesus is an outline of the glory of the church revealed by God to show His manifold wisdom is sending Jesus to the earth as a sacrifice for the sins of man. The Lord came to establish His church and He spoke of this often in His teachings. He told Peter the church would be founded upon the lordship of Jesus is the Christ, God’s Son. Before ascending to His father after the resurrection, Jesus instructed the eleven to remain in Jerusalem where they would be given power and authority to preach the gospel of salvation. On the Day of Pentecost, the most incredible event took place in the history of man. Because of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, all men could come to the throne of the Father and receive the remission of sins through the blood of the Lamb. The church of Christ began on the Day of Pentecost and has continued unabated for more than two thousand years. Paul taught the early disciples there was one God and there was one church. Ironically if a man stood on a street corner in Athens, Greece and proclaimed there was one God he would have been assaulted by the citizens for preaching such heresy. If this same man stood on the corner and preached there was one church few people would take notice. The reason is there were no other churches at this time. Every Protestant church existing today is less than five hundred years old. There were no Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Catholic or Presbyterian churches in the First Century. Paul boldly taught there was one church because there was only one church.

The connection between one God and one church cannot be missed. Modern theologians have decided that diversity in religion is a good idea and nurtures the soul of man to know God better. What they deny is there is one God because if they teach there are many churches they must also teach there are many Gods. If there is one God there can only be one church. Many churches suggest many faiths and Paul declared there was one faith. From the beginning of time, God has demanded that man worship Him as the sole authority and law. Adam and Eve rejected the word of God and His sovereignty for the smooth words of the serpent. The Law of Moses began with the words there is only one God. When Christ built His church He did not say He would build many churches. There is only one church and that kingdom is found on the pages of the New Testament. If the church you belong cannot find their name in the New Testament then it is a man-made church created to salve the conscience of the whims of men. When you examine the worship, teaching, and practice of your church and you cannot find a pattern in the New Testament then you belong to an apostate faith. The plan of salvation is outlined clearly within the pages of the New Testament. You will never find salvation by grace alone, faith alone, goodness alone or the sinner’s prayer because that is not part of the one church ordained by the one God who gave all men one faith through the one Lord. There are not different kinds of baptism like pouring, sprinkling, and immersion. The only baptism practiced by the New Testament church is the one baptism of immersion. There is only one hope given to man through the word of the one Spirit that gives the message of truth through the revelation of the word. Christ is the head of the body and the body is the church. There is one body and that body is the church that belongs to Christ as He is the only head. No Pope, Vicar, President, Apostle or Prophet is the head of the church of Christ as there is only one body, one church, and one head. Do you believe in one God? Believe there is one church!


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