A Husband’s Love


For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. (Ephesians 5:23)

A Husband’s Love

When love is defined it says more about the person than it does the meaning of the word. Expressing words of love are important but words alone cannot measure the true meaning of love one for another. In the family relationship of husband and wife love is more than saying vows before a group of people. It becomes a lifetime of expressing through words and actions the deep feelings of the bond shared between a man and a woman. Everyone needs this kind of relationship. When God created man He knew he was incomplete. Man was not whole without a mate and without that force of love in his life there would be no joy. Taking a rib from the side of Adam, the Lord fashioned a part of Adam’s identity creating a creature that would fill his needs and share his life. Reciprocally the woman would bless the life of man as he met her needs and fulfilled her purpose. She needed the love and attention of her husband to know she was loved and cared for. As the first creation and because of the transgression of the woman, man took a role of headship over the woman. Paul would define this headship as one of subjection but not as the world would view domination. The husband is the head of the wife because God said he was. Societal views and moral norms have not changed that. Men can refuse this headship and women can reject their subjection and in so doing defy the word of God. Subjection to man must be viewed in the framework of God’s word. The husband is not the head of the wife but he is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. There is a vast difference between those two concepts.

A man can be a tyrant and force his wife to obey his will. Jesus did not exercise His headship over man in a tyrannical manner. He could have which is a frightful idea to consider. Jesus came to serve man and to die for man. The Lord left His eternal abode with the heavenly Father and became a man – a servant. He would tell His disciples this purpose was to come and to serve. His life was exemplified by the obedience of the word of the Father. Examining the life of Jesus it is easy to see His life was focused not on himself but the love He had for those who follow after Him. Following His return to Heaven these disciples would become the church of Christ. Jesus would be the head of the church as a husband must be the head of the wife. If a man wants to learn how to be a loving and godly husband he has only but to listen to the life of Jesus and follow His example. The church is the body of Christ. No man ever hated his own body but would cherish and take care of it. This is what the Christ did for man is to cherish the eternal lives of His disciples. Through the word of the Father, Jesus nourishes and cherishes the body of saints that are subject to Him. Who among the people of God feel oppressed by the one who is the head – Jesus Christ? Men are to be subject to Christ as head or disobey the law of God. Those who refuse to subject to the husband are also refusing to obey the will of the Father. The husband shows this subjection in the same manner Jesus exercises His Lordship over the church. Jesus did everything possible to bless the church and to care for the church. The husband must be a servant to his wife to serve her needs honoring her as the bride. No woman could resist being in a relationship where the husband nourishes and cherishes her daily as his bride.

Everything about the life of Jesus was leading up to the death on the cross. The attention of the world is focused on the sacrifice on the cross for eternal salvation but it must not be lost in the family relationship this is an example of Jesus and the husband. Not only must a man be the head of the wife and show love to his wife he must be willing to forfeit his life for her. The main problem in troubled marriages is the husband and wives are only looking out for themselves instead of the needs of others. Paul told the church at Corinth the body of the husband belongs to the wife and the body of wife belongs to the husband. The husband must be willing to sacrifice himself for his wife. This can mean literally but that is not the lesson Paul is trying to teach. As Jesus is the Savior of the body so must the man be the savior of the wife. He must expend his life for her glory, beauty and grace. Leadership in the home begins when a man takes the role of the husband as Christ took the plan of God to save the church. A husband’s love is a sacrificial love willing to show his wife and give his wife everything she needs to make her feel the love of God. Like Christ is the head of the church so the man is the head of the woman. When a man leads in the sacrificial love of Christ the home will be blessed with the divine pattern of the Creator.

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