Abiding In Jesus Is Freedom

As He spoke these words, many believed in Him. Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:30-32)

Abiding In Jesus Is Freedom

There is great joy in the soul of the man who finds release from the burden of sin. Nothing can be compared to the knowledge that a wrathful God has removed His power of judgment against the sinful wiles of fallen man redeeming him by the blood of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Sin is a burden that no man can tame apart from the grace of God. There is nothing in the wisdom of carnal man that can devise, plan or execute the solution to his fallen state of degradation. Through the centuries men tried to make themselves gods to free them from the shackles of corruption but to no avail. Only through the gift of God in Christ can man find the freedom is so desperately needs. The joy of freedom does not come only by the salvation of the soul. Jesus taught those who believed in Him the words He spoke would give them salvation because what He shared with them was truth and that truth would set them free. And what freedom that becomes in the soul of the believer.

Abiding in the word of God is dwelling on the eternal truths from the divine will of the Creator. The teaching of Jesus is what gives the freedom for those who are faithful to His word and keep His word. Salvation is given to those who obey the Lord but greater faith comes from dwelling in the word of God. The knowledge of the word of God sets the spirit free from the oppressions of guilt, regret, sorrow and pain. Those who are set free live in the word of God, breathe the word of God and know the word of God. The greatest gift man has is the revelation of the mind of God written down for him to read and understand the immensity of divine grace. The Lord has not left Himself without witness. From the pages of the Bible man learns where he came from and why God created him. He is able to understand the need of grace when he sees the failings of men trying to save themselves. As the scriptures open up the struggles of the people of God grace is realized through the mighty hand of a loving God. Truth guides the soul to blameless living without the guilt of sin. The more time a man abides in the word of God the more freedom he realizes. There is great value in reading the Bible but the greatest gift is the freedom that gleams from its pages into the heart of those who believe and follow the pattern of discipleship in Christ.

Knowing the truth of God is wherefreedom comes from when it dwells continually in the mind of a saved man. This isnot a momentary effort of finding the answers to what a man must do to besaved. Knowing the truth and truth giving freedom should never be looked uponas a single moment in time when obedience is full in Christ. Understanding the truthof Jesus Christ and abiding daily in the word of God is where freedom comesfrom. It becomes a constant release through the life of those who continuallybelieve and act upon that belief in the daily living. Truth makes the heartfree to those who live by the word of God. This becomes a continual action asthe word fills the heart, mind and soul of the follower of Jesus Christmanifested in the life of those who serve the Lord in truth and sincerity.Freedom is a daily experience. There is great joy in the hearts of those whoknow the word of God, abide in the divine words of eternal truth and practicethe principles of righteousness in every part of their lives. Nothing can set aheart as free as the love of God dwelling in the soul of man. Know the truth ofGod. Understand the word of God and you will be set free.

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1 Response to Abiding In Jesus Is Freedom

  1. Many false religions have risen , some of these even , so called Christian organizations, but they do not abide in the doctrine of Christ. Try the spirits and see if they be of God. So many deceiving and seducing spirits in the guise of Christianity. The cross is the only doctrine of Jesus Christ.


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