A Closing Prayer Of Lets


Let my cry come before You, O Lord; give me understanding according to Your word.

Let my supplication come before You; deliver me according to Your word. My lips shall utter praise, for You teach me Your statutes. My tongue shall speak of Your word, for all Your commandments are righteousness.

Let Your hand become my help, for I have chosen Your precepts. I long for Your salvation, O Lord, and Your law is my delight.

Let my soul live, and it shall praise You; and let Your judgments help me. I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Your servant, for I do not forget Your commandments.

(Psalm 119:169-176)

A Closing Prayer Of Lets

The 119th psalm is a wonderful declaration of the power of God’s word. There are few rivals for the beauty and grandeur of its message, its prose and its style of bursting on the pages of holy writ the incredible majesty of how the commandments, precepts, laws and words of God change the hearts of penitent men. The psalmist has fully developed the theme of obedience to the will of the Lord and declared the blessings of following the law of God with a willing heart. Using the Hebrew alphabet as the foundation of his discourse, the psalmist closes his thematic revelation with a humble and ardent prayer. “He seems to break into the inner circle of divine fellowship, and to come even to the feet of the great God whose help he is imploring. This nearness creates the most lowly view of himself, and leads him to close the psalm upon his face in deepest self-humiliation, begging to be sought out like a lost sheep” (C. H. Spurgeon). The style of the writer is vivid and the framework for his final message comes from his plea to be heard by his God and to seek the blessings of his Lord.

He begs the Lord to let his cry be heard. There is a humble desire to seek the favor of the One who can hear, understand and guide the soul of troubled man. Through the knowledge of the word man can know that God hears and understands. There is a need for man to know the word of the Lord and as the psalmist has shown throughout his psalm the word of the Father is the word of salvation. Truth comes from the law of God. Understanding is sheltered under the wings of God’s grace revealed in the holy commandments. Guiding the footsteps by the precepts of the One who established authority is the only desire of the humble man seeking God’s favor. The Lord hears the cry of the broken hearted. As the word fills the soul the spirit of pride is dispelled. Let my cry come before you, O Lord.

Prayer is the powerful testimony of a heart bent toward the will of the Lord in obedience. The only path of deliverance comes from the hand of God. Supplications from a heart filled with the word of God will bring forth praise. Salvation is in the commandments of the Lord. Learning the statutes of righteousness is knowledge that is everlasting and complete. The psalmist speaks of the word of God because he knows the word of the Lord is truth. Everyone will hear the precepts of righteousness from the lips of those who know the word of God. Let my supplication come before you, O Lord.

Choosing the precepts of God will give man the help he needs in every walk of life. The word of the Lord is complete in directing the soul regarding his relationship with others and with his Creator. Longing for the salvation found in the precepts of His truth will help man find the answers of why he was created, what his purpose in life is and how he can face death. The hand of the Lord is the grace of His love to help in a time of need. God’s word is not just a book of words but a source of delight. Living by the commandments of the Father will not burdensome but make the soul whole and complete lacking nothing. The psalmist prays for the Father to guide his soul and help him pattern his life after the righteous words of salvation given in the word. Let You hand become my help.

In the final words of this great psalm, the writer closes with a song of thanksgiving seeking the favor of God to fill the heart with praise. His prayer is to let the judgments of the word help him like a sheep that is lost and gone astray. He desires for the Lord to come and seek for him and to find him dwelling on the word of God. Asking the Father to come and seek the child is a bold and humble adoration for the trust placed in the word as the promise is made not to forget His commandments. There is no fear of contradiction or spirit of timidity. Asking the Master to seek the servant is a humble request to look deep into the heart of a soul that loves the word of God and bless him with the eternal glory of a God that is worthy of praise, honor and love. Let my soul live and it shall praise You.

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